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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thankful Thursday 8/28/2014

Happy Thursday, Dear Readers! Last night as I was going through the archives on my blog, I came across the entries counting down the days until the adoption of Olivia and Mimi, then the adoption day itself. I always thought we adopted them in early September because up until 2008, Labor Day weekend was the beginning of September. I totally forgot that Labor Day 2008... much like the Labor Day this year... was the same as 2003 and it was at the end of August (it's amazing to think of this: Labor Day 2003 was the day before I started my last year in middle school; Labor Day 2008 I was a college freshman and Labor Day 2014 I'm looking for temp in PA to save to move far away from here... yeah, 2003, February-December 2008 and 2014 match up in days) and we actually adopted the girls on 8/30/08... two days before Labor Day. Here are the entries:

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         Sorry I haven't updated in two days; I've been really tired from college orientation on Friday and Saturday (I have my last one today from 1-3). The orientations weren't too bad. The commuters were just like me; they don't really want to go there, we have the same tastes in stuff and listening to what the classes expect; I always did that in middle and high schools. Taking the public bus isn't too bad either. This year will go fast. I'm just still nervous about the year, though. It will still take time to get use to. I also bought some of my books; I just ordered the German book new (the used one was $109, someone wrote all over it and is in bad shape, I ordered the new one for $121). The German book is cool, except I'm in a beginner class again, so it'll be a piece of cake.
         We were approved for the cats at Kitty Cottage; we get them next Saturday. =] Olivia was a definate (she's 10 years old, came from a hoarder's house... I love her, when I saw her three weeks ago and held her she melted into me), dad just had to meet Mimi the other cat we wanted to get (she's 2). I was at orientation, so I didn't go with them, but dad liked Mimi; we're getting Mimi and Olivia next Saturday. =] We're going to get Olivia a bed to put in my room... I'm so excited. We also get two blankets for the cats that elderly women crochet to give to people when they buy a cat or two or three. I'm so excited.

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         So, I got my schedule switched around. Instead of taking sociology I'm taking psychology at 11-12:15 (instead of 4:15-7), so pretty much I'm done school at 12 everyday. :) I started the psych class today and it was awesome, I really like it so far. Yesterday I had my German class (I have it again tomorrow) and I really liked that too. I really like the challenge, though I can understand a majority of it. =] My remedial writing class is also easy (duh! I'm a writer, but apparently a 520 on the SATs isn't good enough); I read my essay today and the teacher was impressed. I told her I published a book and working on another one.
         Commuting is also going great. The other day on the bus going home this older African American man started a conversation with me, it was a good half an hour long, but it was a nice distraction (I forgot to bring another CD and my iPod, so I was listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers on repeat on the way to school and also coming back). It's just a really nice riding community. =]

Bis spater!
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Olivia and I.

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         They're the greatest cats ever. Olivia took to us about an hour after coming home (she explored the house a bit, then hid behind the washer for some reason) and now she's just always with you. She has to be near you. Mimi is skiddish still; she's sleeping on the third step going into our basement. She loves exploring (she's 3; Olivia is 11), so I think she's tired. Mom's sure she'll be used to our house and the new surroundings by the end of the week. Sweet! She just came up! She loves being brushed. We also received a crotched blanket (2, 1 for each) after we adopted. =] I've been sneezing; dad keeps saying it's because of the cats, but it's not. I've been like this all week... it's the pollen.
         Sorry about not updating much last night; was really tired. I'm still really tired. I've been having really odd dreams lately. The other night (Thursday) I fell asleep on the couch until 1, but still the dream was odd (when I got into my bed, I don't remember the dream). I was being abducted by aliens and there were bubbles with fetuses in them and I was trying to pop them. People below were telling me to break free, so I was trying to pop them to get free, but I didn't. Then last night I dreamt about I was taking the bus with Buddy and we had a romantic date downtown, then missed the bus.
         Which brings me into my next point. The bus is going great. I love the people on it. Yesterday one of the commuters from school got on, she sat next to me and we talked for a bit. Then this guy got on and we started talking for five minutes; he had to get off. He really likes to read too, we like to read the same stuff. Then a WWII veteran got on and I told him I was majoring in German and History. The floodgates just opened, though thank god he didn't say all the Germans were bad, in fact he said a lot of good German guys helped fight the Nazis. Yeah, it's great. =]
         May I ask a favor of you dear readers? I'm making a catbook for my new cats and I need a graphic. Could anyone make me one? I'd really appreciate it. =]

I hope you all had a great Saturday!

Bis spater!

Awww, I guess I'll have to re-upload the pictures to (I took them down when I downgraded the membership, but I'm back).

I'm so thankful to have Mimi still in my life and I miss Olivia dearly. We've always had good cats, but the girls are very special. Olivia really knew how to cuddle up to you when you were feeling down and Mimi is doing a great job warming up to us and keeping us company. Loyal, and nan loved them. I'm thankful for every pet I've had in my life.

Today also marks 8 years since I've been at the library. It's hard to believe I started as a 17 year old and still there as a 25 year old. I will be staying there until I move. I've seen many people over the years and met some great people - I've loved growing with the library. That's what I'm looking for in a job when I move. I want to grow with a company. I'm thankful for my experiences at every job I've held and the people I've worked with at every one.


  1. These days it's a rarity to last eight years anywhere!

    1. Isn't that sad? :(

      Sometimes when I send out my resume whether it's here or out in the Midwest, I wonder why employers don't bite. I know here is because the market isn't for my degree here. But, I've researched places in the Midwest and I just hope something bites come spring!

  2. Isn't it fun (and sometimes saddening) to read your own history? :)

    1. Yes! It's hard to believe it's been 6 years with the girls and 8 with the library. I should see if I blogged about my first day at the library on Deadjournal.