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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday 8/21/2014

Today is Thankful Thursday. What do I have to be thankful for today? I had a peaceful week and today marked the final nail in the coffin for Detroit. I didn't get Write A House and you know what? I'm glad. I don't want to live in that part of Detroit; I don't want to live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of crime. I guess I'm just not a city person - I prefer the burbs and the burbs elsewhere in the Midwest. This NO closed the last door I had still opened for Detroit (if I was selected, I would have told them no) officially. I have been blessed along this journey; I think it's a blessing I didn't get anything in Detroit because I think it would have turned VERY bad VERY QUICKLY. I feel thankful for this blessing and now I can focus on Green Bay. I also e-mailed a temp agency in King of Prussia and I found another job at the university my dad graduated from. It's part time and it lasts for a year, but it's temp only. I'm going to apply tomorrow because it'd be perfect - not far of a commute, can still work the library and still have time to apply in Wisconsin. I think it would be great experience and a stepping stone for a job in Green Bay. I have good feelings about taking a temp job here and continuing the search in Green Bay.

I also retook the pictures from Tuesday. This time downstairs and with more light. I was going with advice from Blurry Photos - How to Prevent Them. I'm still learning my camera.


  1. Not being very familiar with your history, I had not been aware that Detroit had been at all a possibility. I mostly knew about Green Bay.

    I most likely have no chance in hell to go anywhere I actually want, so it's not really worth mentioning anything about Moscow or Vladivostok. It sounds like my parents are interested in getting me to France, not unlike my sister, even if most of my European friends are in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands or indeed Moscow. (Russia is much too big a country for saying Russia and maintaining any kind of specificity, for I could mean my Siberian or Petersburg friends, none of whom specifically invited me to visit, unlike a Muscovite, Natalya) I want to see the Duma! /political tourist

    International travel is most dangerous to one's health, due to the diseases Africa's ridden with, but I'm most likely not going to anywhere in the MENA region of the world, even if I've been on a Farsi kick lately.

    For example, who knew hijabs could be fashion statements! I suppose it makes sense to cover dark hair with light fabric in the intense sunlight... I remember having trouble in China with my metres of long dark hair...

    1. Yeah, hijabs are fashion statements. I have some really decadent and beautiful hijabs that Samira gave me. I am thinking about using them as scarves or maybe something to wear when it's hot. :)