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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful Thursday 8/14/2014

Today I'm thankful for the peacefulness of life, the nights I sleep and have good dreams, days when people understand my dreams and don't put me down. The past two days have been peaceful and although there were a few disruptions, most people understand. I'm just thankful for these days.

We're about to go to dinner for mom's birthday - she's 50 today. I will hopefully update later with the last part of my day out on Saturday.


  1. I'm glad you are sleeping. Very important for us. :-)

    Oh my. She's 50?? Happy Birthday!

    1. Yep and dad will be 59 in October! :) She was 25 and he was 34 when I was born. I'll let her know you wished her a happy birthday; they went to bed.

      I usually have a lot of nightmares, so if I do sleep, it's not a restful sleep. Nightmares are usually of what happened to me. I should be thankful for the non-nightmare nights. I hate nightmares. :(

  2. They're pleasant days. Always good to be able to sleep, too.

    1. I agree. Yesterday was mom;s party. Everyone understands I want to move, but as they said it's better to take temp as I wait to earn some more money while I move. Of course, some experience is nice too. Even mom has said she likes Wisconsin better and when it comes time to move, she and dad will help me. They wouldn't step foot inside of Michigan, but they like Wisconsin. But, even she said temping is the way to go as I wait because temp doesn't expect you to stay and I'd be doing something else.