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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday Party 8/16/2014

Dad had been planning this party for two weeks, but didn't bother telling me about it until last Sunday. He wanted me to pickup decorations and since I don't drive, it was a lot of running around and last minute things. It was also hard because mom works from home. I still have to finish mom's scrapbook that will have pictures and poetry and quotes. I started three pages worth of facts of things that happened in 1964. 1964 was an interesting year. Even though I complained about last minute things, people were impressed. I'm thinking once I move, I might start my own party planning business in Green Bay. Thoughts?

Aunt Kathy and Aunt Peg took mom out to tea at the Taste of Britain tea room in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Aunt Kathy picked mom up fifteen minutes early; dad and I were happy. As soon as Aunt Kathy pulled out of the drive way, I started decorating the dining room and living room, then dad was in the kitchen getting the catered food (pork and roast beef, cole slaw, potato salad, chips, drinks) together as well as the plates. It took us two and half hours to set up and we finished ten minutes before mom's family arrived.

I made a note using some things spelled out in candy. Aunt Kathy found the idea on Pinterest. I made up my own note. Mom HATES Eminem with a passion, so I thought it'd be funny. Only on 5th Avenue in Jessica's universe would the Lemonheads be headlining Eminem. Haha.

First half of the display of "It happened in '64". St. Louis Cardinals beat the Yankees (I didn't have a cardinals cap), but in 1968 Detroit Tigers exacted revenge on the Cardinals and beat them in the World Series.

Packers went #2 in the Western Conference in 1964.

The table.

Aunt Linda, Uncle Joey, Jason, his girlfriend - Lily, and Joey arrived first. Aunt Peg had to excuse herself from tea; Aunt Peg and Uncle Tom arrived next, then Uncle Dave and Kaitlyn. Aunt Kathy brought mom home at 3 and mom was surprised. She really enjoyed her party. We all had a really great time. :) Maddie came in after we yelled "SURPRISE" to mom, she passed the first test of the EMT training course. She was happy. People were happy for her and people were happy that I am going back to my original dream of Green Bay. They understand I want to move, but I know I have to get full time temp here as I wait for Wisconsin. That way I have some money to move and some money to fall back on. It was a joyous occasion.

She's so surprised.

I was happy that Jason brought his girlfriend, Lily. I liked her. :) He's 16 and she is 15... as we were talking, it doesn't sound like the high school has changed all that much! She's spunky and I like her fun personality. At one point, she put Jason's hair up in pony tails. He was so embarrassed. 

And before they left, they raided my Wii console. I haven't played with it in 5 years or so. They played Guitar Hero. I should get back into it.

Check out the album: Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday Party.


  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love that candy board. :) Hopefully your mother appreciates the work you and your dad (and Aunt Kathy) put into her party.

    I can't see most of the pictures because they're not loading for me for some reason. :( (I could see some, obviously)

    The party planning business is something to think about. :)

    1. She did! She hugged me for two days, haha. I'm finally recovered. :)

      Oh no! I hope the album I linked does load. I hope it's not from something on my end.

      I think it'd be fun. :)

    2. I can see the album link but it doesn't matter now because I can see the images themselves. :) (I had to restart my browser because it just crashed on me.)

    3. Ah, okay! Yeah, I have problems with Chrome from time to time with YouTube. It doesn't play sound until I restart!

  2. I've been to Wayne. My parents used to live in Yardley, PA years ago. I think I went to the White Dog Cafe.

    Quite an effort! She looks happy.

    1. The White Dog Cafe is still around! I've never been there, but it does get good reviews.

      Hey, have you ever heard of the Burnt Toast? It's in Elgin... my friend in Schawmberg (Illinois) goes to that restaurant all the time. I like the name, haha.

      I finally recovered. Parties are a lot of work.

    2. The only place I've been to in Elgin is the casino, and that was a long time ago. It's on a least it was.

    3. Interesting. When I move, I want to visit Chicago and if Elgin isn't far, I might visit the Burnt Toast!

  3. *finding in old mail* I can't be told about surprises since then I'll tell the intended recipient since I figure they'd forget, too.

    Was that tea room good? Wayne is a little out of the way for my family and me. (Half an hour according to Mapquest... *looks at map* oh, I know a bassoonist from Radnor township!)

    My own parents are '64 people! My father's birthday is closer: the first of this month.

    My sister's done away with my Wii so I haven't had the chance to play with it for a long time. She is coming home next week, I've heard, though.

    Have a nice day!

    1. They seemed to like it! I have never been there.

      Wow, this is a blast from the past! :D