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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memphis 9/18-9/21

Last night mom booked the trip to Memphis. Since she travels a lot for work, she was able to get my fare for $40/trip (she took care of that and is taking care of the hotel... she's hoping she can use her points for that as well). Since she booked the flight and will book the hotel, I was in charge of planning places to go. I really want to go to Graceland and people on City-Data have said not to go to the shops around Graceland because they have bogus displays... or something like that:

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The Pink Palace is interesting. Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums

There's also the Brooks Museum (of Art) in Overton Park. Art Museum

If you go to Graceland, my personal opinion is buy the ticket that'll get you into the house and see the airplanes - forget the extra stuff across the street. Those are all basically glorified gift shops with little "exhibits" tacked on. It's a very cheapening experience IMHO.

If you're deep enough into Memphis music to venture beyond Graceland, the Rock 'N' Soul Museum is really cool. I also like the Sun and Stax Museums. You can also take a tour of the Gibson guitar factory.

For history, the National Civil Rights Museum is a must see. Unfortunately many of the exhibits focus largely on James Earl Ray, but it's still sombering and awe-inspiring to see where Ray stood and where King stood, etc. If you're short on time or cash, you can walk right up to the Lorraine Hotel without a ticket.

The National Ornamental Metal Museum is unique and off the beaten path, tucked away south of downtown. National Ornamental Metal Museum

As far as walking, my favorite spot to take a long stroll is Mud Island riverpark (just drive to Mud Island, take a right at the traffic circle, then turn left in a few hundred feet into the parking lot. Walk along the Mississippi river as long as you enjoy it. ). There's also the Bluffwalk and area around Martyr's Park.

The pink palace looks neat! It looks like a hodge podge of things. They have a recreation of the Piggly Wiggly there! It looks like they don't have actual Piggly Wigglies in Memphis though, which makes me sad. :( I really wanted to experience a Piggly Wiggly! It looks like in the Midwest, the only Piggly Wiggly is in Minnesota... I guess when I do move, I'll have to take an adventure to Piggly Wiggly, lol. Yes, I know, I'm weird because I like visiting regional super markets. However, the Pink Palace has Civil War things among other neat things to see and do.

Sun Studio and Stax Museum of American Soul I'd like the check out and I think mom would as well. Visiting the Motown Museum in Detroit made me really like touring music places. They're neat. :) Mom also wants to do the Botanical gardens. If time allows, I definitely want to check out the civil rights museum. At night, I want to check out Beale St. because it looks like a hopping place. It's also the top attraction in Memphis. Maybe I'll see if I can find a good concert we'll both enjoy.

I'm really looking forward to this. I think it'll be great to get a break from looking at temp here (which, by September 18 I hope to have a temp job. I'll have to tell them I need those days off... well, 19-22... I'll tell the library too) and a break before I restart the search in Wisconsin. I really want to move by Spring.