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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Matthew's High School Graduation Party (8/2/2014)

Yesterday was Matthew's high school graduation party at Aunt Kathy's house. I filled Matthew's Penn State Lion+ card with $20 that he could use for meals and around campus. I think I'm going to make him a book of inspiration that maybe I'll send to his dorm or a Christmas gift. I thought of it on Friday night, but time was limited. I was going to put in some poetry that I wrote (now I will have time to write other poems that fit him more), inspirational quotes and since he's going for engineering: some building pictures I took to give him inspiration. I think it could be a good idea.

Anyway, the party. It went well and we only stayed for a few hours. Matthew spent most of the time with his friends, of course.and I caught up with Uncle Dave's side of the family. People are happier that I'm looking to move to Green Bay and they wish me luck. I was talking to the parents of the 2nd babysitter (Kaitlyn and Matthew had another babysitter since I don't drive, then I filled in when she wasn't available) and they gave me some great advice for when I move. Although I don't drive, they suggested keeping an extra shovel for snow because I'll still need to walk. Sometimes apartment complexes block people in when they plow. That happened to them several years ago at their first apartment. They also said a few of their coworkers (they're in the health field) live in Green Bay and LOVE it there. I smiled because I have loved every time I went and felt very safe there. I can't wait to get a job and move.

My old friend's mom was there as well. I haven't seen this friend in 8 years, but her baby brother is Matthew's best friend. She said to me, "Ah, so you're going West, young lady?!" She laughed and I said, "Midwest, really." When she said, "Go West, young lady," it reminded me of a post in the Detroit board from someone moving from San Francisco to Detroit (except he wrote "Go East, young man," then "Go East... and become homeless..."). I'm thinking of writing something about that. Maybe I should rename my relocation diary on to "Go West, Young Lady," because it might have a better ring to it. What do you think? Anyway, the mom remembered me and the adventures we went on. She said I was always the adventurer and I gave her daughter the opportunity to travel. What can I say? I've always wanted out of King of Prussia. When we left, the mom and the babysitter's parents all hugged me and wished me the best of luck; I'll be successful and will really love Green Bay (man, everyone's tune has changed from Detroit. My uncle did ask, "Still looking at Detroit?" I replied, "No, Green Bay. Going back to my original plan." He smiled and said, "Yeah, Green Bay is a lot safer and I think you'll have better luck job wise." "Yeah, I found several jobs related to what I want to do").

The food that was served was great. They had a vegan fare for Kaitlyn and her friend. The meat and rolls were ordered from a deli around here and then pizza pie! The pizza pie was pretty good. The meat balls weren't bad, but I prefer how nan made them and of course how mom makes them. I'm learning how to make the Italian food that nan made. I'm spoiled; I'll only eat homemade spaghetti, sauce and meat balls. I had prosecco or Italian sparkling wine. It made me tired. Aunt Kathy also made the cake by scratch (the Penn State one... I don't know who brought the other cake), which was awesome as always. Aunt Kathy is an awesome baker. It was a great party.

Matthew's High School Graduation Party (Google+)

I deactivated my Facebook, but still have Wesley's Facebook activated. I want Matthew to see his pictures, so I did make an album on Wesley Bear's Facebook:

Matthew's High School Graduation Party (Wesley Bear's Facebook)

My dad handed Matthew a beer just for the picture for irony since now he's a college student. I'm the only one who snapped a picture of this, haha.

I love this one of dad and Daphne. It reminds me of the one with Nan on Nan's last Christmas in 2012:

Oh, which reminds me! Aunt Kathy made a movie for the party of pictures of Matthew. In the movie, there was a picture of Nan holding Matthew a few months after he was born. Aunt Kathy is mom's sister and nan is dad's mom, but Aunt Kathy always included nan in everything: Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave, Matthew and Kaitlyn all loved Nan. I was so happy to see that picture. Nan had a big smile on her face as she held an infant Matthew. Of course, she had a few pictures of my 6.5 year old self holding a new born Matthew. :)It was neat, especially the soundtrack that was used.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun; glad you met more supportive people! :D

    1. Maybe I should have stayed with my dream all along. :D I'll e-mail you.