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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Robert Plant!

Happy birthday, Robert Plant! He's from Led Zeppelin and I'm a huge Zeppelin fan. :) There is a day long contest that is commemorating his birthday: The Writer's Cramp: Prompt Due 8/21.  My poem:

Golden Stairway By the Misty Lake

On my morning walk I stumbled upon a misty lake,
a moment of despair, I thought I surely made a mistake;
the lemon yellow sun that brightened my path disappeared—
but after the panic subsides, I spot bright fish in water so clear.
Dazed, remember the one time at the cupcake place
where you rambled on with tears strewn upon your pale face;
he took you out and from that moment your memory escapes you,
and in the months that followed, so confusing and blue:
I have finally broken free of that chain, my first walk in days—
water rushes and peace washes over me as I follow the stairway.


  1. My brother made me a mellow Led Zeppelin tape back when we had cassettes. It was really good. Wish I still knew the songs.

    1. Ah, cassette tapes! I still have a bunch of cassettes and a cassette player! :D Sometimes I prefer my cassettes and CDs over my iPod.