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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eighty-Two Weeks

I started writing a poem for another contest. Hey, have any of my readers ever entered a contest for money and publishing? Do I just submit my writing or do I have to submit a cover page to go with it? I found these contests in The Writer magazine and it didn't mention if anything else should be submitted.

Here is the one poem I worked on. I'm going to write a 2nd poem to submit with this one. What do you think?

Eighty-Two Weeks
Jessica Marie

It’s amazing how time flies after eighty-two weeks—
since I told you secrets and your hugs held me close,
the snow quickly creeps and in the whiteness you sneak,
it’s amazing how time flies after eighty-two weeks!
Death is an amazing robber! Warm kisses on the cheeks
instantly gone, as are the escarole soup scents to the nose;
it’s amazing how time flies after eighty-two weeks—
time holds no secrets on how much I miss having you so close!

I'm going to make some popcorn, then work on more writing. I hope I do win one of these!


  1. I entered a couple of writing contests but they were years ago. I can't remember the rules. :/ I might have submitted a short cover letter for both.

    1. I have one more poem to finish, then I'll be submitting and will get to see what they want for submission! I have a nano I have to write too - 300 words or less.