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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Devil's Den Review

Mom's party just finished and I'm exhausted. It went well, though. I will upload the pictures and post tomorrow! Today I finally wrote the review for Devil's Den in Philadelphia. Here is the link because I think the more people visit the link, the more chances I have of winning $500! Review of Devil's Den in Philadelphia on City-Data. But here is the actual article:

In May 2013 I decided to take a trip to Philadelphia to see a show. I wanted to give a new place a try and asked one of my friends who lives in the city for one of his favorite places. He suggested Devil's Den; I thanked him and researched the place. In May 2013, I was still a college student and I knew going in, this was going to be a more expensive dining experience.

The first time I went in May, I was placed at the bar. I saw the Devil's Den had absinthe, which is one of my favorites. It was $11 for an absinthe glass size. The absinthe was amazing; it was distilled to perfection - the bartender mentioned they buy it from the finest place and he wasn't lying. I ordered a a Buffalo chicken sandwich (without the blue cheese) and it was  very good. The bartender throughout the entire meal was friendly, helpful and a good conversationalist.

I arrived at 4 in the afternoon and the restaurant wasn't crowded at that point. The atmosphere of Devil's Den wasn't a typical bar scene; it is a step above the traditional bar and you could tell with the upscale decor. Of course the decor isn't what would be found in a fancy restaurant because the decor has a devil theme or (what reminded me of a) rock show theme. I really liked the atmosphere - it was laid back.

I went to the Devil's Den again in June 2013 with my guy friend that suggested the restaurant in May. This time we arrived at close to nine in the evening and the place was hopping. Devil's Den was livelier at night, but the service was still very good. I ordered a white sangria and it was delicious. It was not as sweet as a red sangria (I will admit that was my first time having a white sangria; I'm not sure if the white is more tart than a red), but the fruit they put in was a compliment. My friend ordered an IPA beer and he loved it. I ordered a Falafel wrap and I thought that was better than some of the Middle Eastern restaurants I went to.

When my friend and I went in June, we were there for two hours. Not eating, but chatting and catching up. I've been in a few restaurants where they would rush you out. Devil's Den wasn't like that at all. They didn't really bother us or hurry us along- we left when we were ready. I liked that about the restaurant. I would definitely suggest Devil's Den is you're in the South Philadelphia area for a show or a game. It's on the expensive side, but the ambiance, service and cleanliness of the restaurant make up for it. Devil's Den is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia.


  1. I've never had absinthe. Good review...I clicked on the link!

    1. Thank you and thank you! Absinthe is interesting and it's very hard to get. I believe the traditional absinthe is banned in the US because it has wormwood in it (wormwood, I read, is like LSD). The stuff available in the US is without the wormwood, so I'm not really sure how it's made. It has a licorice taste almost like a Jagermeister, but I think it tastes more like ouzo. That's why you have to serve it with sugar and pour water over the sugar, then let the sugar water trickle out of the absinthe spoon into the drink. It's green! When I make it myself, which is rare (it was expensive to buy), I put ice in it and I lost the spoon that came with the package, so I just put sugar in with a lot of water. It's REALLY strong without a lot of water.

    2. I think I'll stick to wine. Haha.

    3. Haha, smart idea. :) Absinthe makes me want to sleep in late!

  2. Devil's Den makes me think of Grendel, and the Grendel's Den that served as a meeting place for, um, maybe D&D people?

    I'm listening to the Один день Ивана Денисовича recording Wikipedia had, because the psychologist said to listen to some audiobooks to see how much better I could understand them. And, surprisingly, I understand aural Russian phenomenally better.

    I don't think I'm ever in the right part of Philly to visit Devil's Den. South? No. I generally am found in northeast near the Russian market.

    It's good to see you enjoyed your absinthe, though!

    1. It's out of the way... it's not near major attractions. I have to take the Broad St. line to get there, then the BSL back to Market St. to get to other attractions. I should go back, though. Before I move!

  3. An informative and fair review. :) Nice job.