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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chinatown with Louis

After Louis and I left the Bug Fest at the Academy of Natural Sciences, we took the 33 bus to Arch Street. Louis wanted to see if the ticket office at the Troc was opened, but they weren't. Fortunately, we were only a minute away from the Friendship Gate that leads visitors into Chinatown. I was amazed it wasn't crowded and had a clear shot for a picture!

After I shot the image of the Friendship Gate, we ambled the streets looking for a restaurant to dine in and one that would accept credit cards. We walked a few of the streets looking for a good restaurant that accepted cards. We finally found one, though neither of us aren't sure what the name of the restaurant was... but it was near a hotel called "Ten Club" or something like that. I never know the name of restaurants in Chinatown because most of them are obviously in Chinese and since I don't know Chinese...

The restaurant was awesome though! They served us tea and I ordered a bubble tea. The bubble tea was lavender. :) Louis ordered a egg stir fry and I ordered a sweet and sour chicken. My sweet and sour chicken was delicious. Louis said his order was awesome as well. It was an inexpensive restaurant; as we were waiting for our food, we decided to order a dessert to share. It was a frozen limoncello sorbet. Limoncello is Italian lemon liqueur. Mmmm.


  1. Victoria hates my bubble tea - she says it tastes like dishwater. But that is the kind I learned in the People's Republic was safe. ._. *had, um, serious clean water issues* Safe tea is happy tea. Recently I picked up from the Rite-Aid some green tea, which, though it appears bourgeois, tastes genuine without the extreme import fee.

    Usually the restaurants are amazing! This summer I am sampling one of everything from the Chinese restaurant just down the road to see how it compares. (It mostly doesn't, and I really don't like the idea of fortune cookies since those are just an Americanism, but I may just be getting the wrong thing - my sister loves that place, so I'm willing to show patience to it. And fortune cookies rarely make me sick, so that is a plus they have.)

    It feels like when I'm eating out with someone, ordering dessert is also bourgeois, which is the typical Communist insult. But in reality, the bourgeoisie are just the standard people. It's actually not a bad thing. (Except when people pick on me for something that's just normal. How can one escape criticism for everything? This is a hopeless endeavour.)
    So, dessert is not a bourgeois thing as much as a rich-person thing.

    1. I've grown to like Bubble Tea! The bubble tea at the mall is so much sweeter! Hmmm, yeah, I prefer traditional Chinese and Japanese restaurants. But, the Chinese place near my house isn't too bad. Fortune cookies are fun, though!

  2. I like sweet and sour chicken, but I love chow mein. :)

    That building in the picture is beautiful!

    1. It's actually an archway. :) It's the Friendship Gate Arch.

      Don't think I've ever had chow mein. I might have to see what is in it - I might have never had it because it might have things I can't eat in it! :)

    2. Ha ha, yes, you're right. :P Sorry, I'm still feeling off because of my cold and I wasn't paying enough attention!

    3. That's okay. We all have our off days, especially when we're still not feeling 100%. :)