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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Because I'm Happy

I really like this song and I really like the Minions video. I just absolutely love the Minions of Despicable Me. Mom and I are planning to go to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida some time in September (we are looking for the cheapest flight). I've never been there, but I do hope that Universal does have the Minions out. Has anyone been there before? Any suggestions on what to do there?


  1. Hmm...I haven't been there myself, so I wouldn't know, either!

    1. It's weird: the travel books for Orlando only talk about Disney World... only briefly mentioning Universal. I guess Disney is the more popular. :(

  2. Going to Disney is torture for me. I will never go there again. I've never been to Universal, though.

    1. I've never been to Disney, either. When my 11th grade class went, I went to Germany with the German club instead. Liked that MUCH better... not much of an amusement park fan.

  3. Enjoy your Floridian trip!

    I went there ten years ago, right before my cruise to the Bahamas. (I wasn't as familiar with the world then so I didn't know anything fun about that part of the world like any of the nuclear stuff like the Caribbean Crisis or the Bermuda Triangle. I was REALLY focused on marine biology back then, so the coral reefs were my primary attraction.)

    The clearest memory I have besides the hot water (going into the ocean was like getting into a bathtub) is the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, which is close-ish to Orlando. I don't know anything about Universal. And, of course, all the propaganda that the US space program is the best. Sputnik beat Apollo by maybe ten years, it was just unmanned, so "didn't count" I suppose.

    Orlando has so much besides Disney World. If I knew more Soviet history when I went there it might have been much cooler, since the USSR hyped up that part of the world like crazy. (Cuba is closely allied with Russia - last month, in fact, V. V. Putin visited Havana!) Oh well.

    Make some fun friends there! People from that part of the world have such a different outlook on life, perhaps brighter.

    Like Susie, I didn't have any fun baking in the Disney lines.