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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: Wherever You Go, Go With All Your Heart (7/12-7/18)

Saturday, July 12

Mom, dad and I went to Pudge's, a steak shop around the King of Prussia/Blue Bell area. It's been seven years since I've been here and it was so good. Dad pondered if they could ship their food because my Godfather's brother who moved to Virginia had been craving Pudge's and I posted the question on Instagram about my move. Someone asked if I was moving for real and I guess I jinxed myself. I guess I shall not mention those things again on social media.

The beautiful full moon with the automatic setting of my DSLR.

The beautiful moon with the manual setting of my DSLR. It's amazing at the differences!

Sunday, July 13

We went to breakfast this morning and I was so happy they had lemon herbal tea. I love herbal tea. :)

I was looking at some birthday cards to send.

I loved this one, but didn't get it (I bought the cards that cost 99 cents).

This chinchilla is adorable and he's napping! D'awww. We went to pick up cat food for Mimi.

This is Mandarin. I wanted to adopt him badly, but Mimi wouldn't approve and I'm not sure if it'd be easy to take a cat on Amtrak. I'll have to wait until I do finally move and get settled.

I made pickles today. Here is the full album. Making Pickles.

Monday, July 14

Happy birthday, Monoxide! (And as I was looking for the perfect picture, I saw Monoxide is on a dating website: Meet people like Paul Methric... I wonder if that's actually him... probably not).

Yes, I went there… I had sherbet and put a candle in it to celebrate his birthday. :D I also wished him a happy birthday via Twitter and Instagram.

People always make a mess out of the test prep books at the library.

So, I fix them (they'll be out of place again).

Haha, I love this picture of Mimi. Mom said, "Wow, you must have really embarrassed her." She ran out of the bathroom after I snapped these pictures - she always drinks from the toilet and yes, we flush. I love what someone on City-Data replied:

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Originally Posted by jessxwrites89 View Post
Mimi loves drinking from the (clean) toilet for some reason:

Mom said, "Jeeze, Jess, you had to embarrass her, didn't you? Now she's walking downstairs in shame!"  Mom wanted copies to post as well, haha.
Kind of looks like she had too much Nip at the party last night.

Tuesday, July 15

Made banana bread today.

And vegetable broth. Album here.

Haha, this is a funny picture. I love this Kurt shirt, though, although it’s been a year since I last wore it.

I love this picture for some reason and I can't believe how long my hair is.

Calm before the storm.

Mimi watching the rain from the safety of the plant on the porch.

Today I celebrated 10 years on Neopets! I love the games on this site. I had this account for 10 years, but I've been a member for 14 years (I had another account and didn't remember the logon when I had a new computer, so I created this one).

Wednesday, July 16

Finally a cool day! Upper 70s and no humidity!

I'm with this little girl - going to relax after a bad day!

Thursday, July 17

Eh, I don't eat McDonalds often… it was good.

My soup I made is bitter.  To make it less bitter, I added honey, sugar and onions. See this thread: Vegetable Broth question

Week #2 of the art class I'm helping with at the library for the month of July. I volunteered for some experience for the move and I am loving it. :)

July 18, 2014

It was an article in the Writer about a man who saved all his journals and then transcribed them for stories, articles, etc. He used what he wrote at different points in time for fodder for whatever. I have three journals:

The cat and "my wretched little thoughts" were from middle school- 11th grade (cat journal starts the summer before 5th grade and ends the summer after sixth grade; wretched thoughts from 8th-11th grades, but I didn't update every day and a lot of pages are still left) and the last one was the last few months of high school. I stopped writing in it in August 2008 (before college and there is a lot of room left… maybe I'll start journaling it the notebook again). I don't think I'd transcribe the cat journal because they don't seem meaningful (they're 11 and 12 year old girl rants), but I found a few good entries in the one from 2008. I used to have a crush on a teacher and this could be good fodder for a romance novel (name is retracted to protect identity… he doesn't work for the school anymore [he was a sub] and I know I'm moving, but still playing it safe):


I found Mr. --'s profile on MySpace today. It says he is a swinger, and according to Facebook he is single. :) The pictures he had up were also gorgeous - one picture had the caption: "'cause every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" with him in a suit and tie (that made me smile like this :D). I was so excited and out of that excitedness I regrettably told Zach (fortunately, I didn't name him; I don't trust Zach all that much). He was saying I should hit on him some more and have a discussion with him (theoretically of course) on how he feels about older men dating younger girls. I said, "I can't do that now, but when I graduate I will request him on Facebook and go from there." I didn't add, but thought it, "WTF?! I can't do that now! He'd get fired and I would get into so much trouble that it would ruin our reputations." I just remembered Diversity Day; he was selling vegan foods and I bought some cookies; I was talking to him for a bit. He was looking at me a few times (I was in my dirndl) and I was going crazy; God, I'm such a dork!


Eee! Today was one of the best days of my life, besides April 9th and going to Germany (of course)! This afternoon I went to Mr. --'s classroom and asked him if he could sign my yearbook and he did. :D We also talked for a good fifteen minutes; while he was signing, he apologized for not making it to my senior graduation project, and he would have liked to have seen it. We also talked about family and friends (he told me about his twin brother; which I knew he had and his roommate, which was my driving instructor [-- is also his best friend]). I told him about my future like moving to Germany (I really want to move away from King of Prussia after college), and then he asked me if I was going to prom! I said no because I was having a girl's night (which was a lie) and he replied, "Honestly, I didn't enjoy my prom. It's nice to do things the way you are." I hope I wasn't blushing while we talked; my heart was fluttering. He wanted a copy of my documentary too!

I'm laughing. Maybe this isn't the fodder for romance (I'm too… what's the word? I don't think the Harlequin romance novels care about consequences of actions and only about the unbridled attraction and ripping bodices), but maybe something for young adults? I'm actually cracking up and turning red. Though, I did find a letter that I wrote to Kaitlyn for her 8th grade time capsule project (I had to do one in 8th grade and it's a huge project for middle schoolers that they open before they graduate 12th grade):

May 25, 2008

Dear Kaitlyn,

Congratulations on graduating high school! I can't believe you're graduating - I remember when you were first born on September 20, 1994 and my five year old self holding you. As I am writing this letter, in May 2008, I just got back my Future Goal Project/ Time Capsule (I graduated June 10, 2008), so high school goes pretty fast and it's not everything you have heard from TV and the media (for better and worse). I hope you made the best out of being a student of Upper Merion Area High School in good times and in the worst of times; I hope you have kept good friends close and made new friends over the years.

So, let's take a trip down memory lane, they're always fun. Watching you grow up for the past thirteen years have been pretty amazing, whether you're an athlete or a rock star, I have watched you transform into a smart, charismatic, kind and beautiful young woman from the little girl I babysat and saw in Caley. Those years were fun, though; summers in Cape May with our family, which looking back were funny and crazy at the same time. Remember that one tea party we had at the Cape May teahouse in July 2000? It was Maddie, you and I along with our mothers, but we were really too young to care; but the other countless memories of Cape May will always live in my mind, especially playing on the beach, teaching you to wake board (2000) and watching sunsets. Even babysitting you and Matt in your Caley days were such a pleasure, especially playing school. I was always the student and you were always the teacher; I had the opportunity to learn much more about you and see you grow throughout elementary school and the early parts of Middle School.

You have amazing talent; I'm blown away by how good you are at softball and the acting skills you displayed in the Music Man (February 2008). Right now you are learning to play guitar and want to be a rock star like Nick Jonas. I hope you're still playing by the time you read this in 2012 and having fun with it. Just remember to always have fun in whatever you pursue and put the most into it. I hope whatever you decide to pursue in the areas of college, friends, careers or life in general, it is successful and satisfying. I hope you enjoy the journey and never be afraid to fail or ask for help - that's how we grow. Just remember I will always be there for you! Good luck and congratulations!


Hmmm,  that really hit me: "Just remember to always have fun in whatever you pursue and put the most into it. I hope whatever you decide to pursue in the areas of college, friends, careers or life in general, it is successful and satisfying. I hope you enjoy the journey and never be afraid to fail or ask for help - that's how we grow." It's such good advice and I would advise this to anyone because it's so true - never be afraid to fail because you can always pick yourself up. Also, never be afraid to ask for help; even the strongest of characters need help from time to time!

Check out Digby Differs. It's very inspiring, even for a children's book (I've been reading them lately since I want to write a children's book).

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

This band played at dinner tonight.


  1. Next week I'm off to DC to visit my best friend from middle school and her Russian roommate. (I hope I remember enough! Здравствуйте! Как дела? I'm going to forget. Nevermind that's been rammed down my throat for the past five years.) My sister's birthday is tomorrow.

    Meanwhile I'm reading some Dostoevsky, Hesse, Proust, some kind of interesting Sufi book, Pynchon, Jack London, et cetera.

    Hmm, Confucius is an interesting philosopher. I studied him a few semesters ago. Not many of my Chinese friends are fans, but he is rammed down their throats in that education system. I'm more fond of Trotsky, whom I masqueraded as last Halloween. This Halloween: Ivan Denisovich, unless Matt or Yury talk me out of it in September. In that case, my plans are foiled and I'm going to hide and disappear. The librarians like the idea, though. We'll see. I finished Lenin's third collection a while ago but I'm waiting to finish more of my FHGL books before I take it back and exchange it for the fourth. See, I'm reading all 45. This one impressed on me the difficulty of changing others' minds.

    Have a good evening.