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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Paint Had Dried Prompt

Craft Saturday

She gathered the Christmas felt,
as the paint had dried--
during the Great Depression she was dealt,
she gathered the Christmas felt
into her hand, pizzelles left welts,
and with her, to decorate the tree, I tried;
she gathered the Christmas felt
as the paint had dried.

Rainy Lambeau

Quickly gathering brats, deeply fried,
as the music blares and Cheeseheads swarm
challenging Browns fans, their luck tried--
"Put on these underwear and t-shirts
and get as many signatures as you can!"
The DJ put the music so loud, my ears hurt
contestants running around for us to sign.
Our John Hancocks so sloppy in Sharpie,
some Packers fans, as Jared approaches, denied--
as the music stops and some that lie,
DJ lifts the microphone to his lips and counts--
the paint had dried.


  1. Well done. I find poetry difficult. I took a writing class with a bunch of teenagers and they ALL wanted to write poetry. I always chose to write fiction whenever possible.

    1. Thank you! I remember hating poetry from 7th-11th grades. I wish I still had the poetry book project I did in 8th grade - it has to be around here somewhere! Oh man and I detested that project. I don't know what changed in 11th grade; I guess the teacher I had. I switched from short stories to poetry. Now I write poetry and travel. I'll still write a short story from time to time, though.

  2. I just read a bit more of Hesse's Siddhartha. It made me feel calm - ohm...
    Hindi is complex, but the word of the day I received is कबूतर - pigeon. It is four letters long, sounds like kabuuTar, emphasis on the second syllable. *rolls mouse over each letter, trying to associate scribbles with sounds* It's not working well.

    Let me see your poetry...
    Who is the she of Craft Saturday? I don't recall liking pizzelles...
    I don't recognise much from your Packers poem to say anything relevant about it.

    Have a peaceful Thursday! Soonish I'm settling overdue fines with the Library.

    1. The she in "Craft Saturday" is nan. Nan was a very crafty woman as well and when I was younger, we made Christmas ornaments. :)

    2. So was mine. My family had great arguments over things she'd progenitate, which manifested in my interest in politics.