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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday 7/3/2014 and 1 Day Until I'm 25!

I was surprised with this envelope this morning when I walked into work.

After break surprise!

I am really thankful for my library job. As someone who has worked there for 8 years come August, I have grown with the job. I've seen many people leave, a few new people join and my bosses have seen me grow from a teenager to a college student to a young woman who is embarking on her life. This morning when I walked into the circulation room, I saw a white envelope waiting for me. It was from one of the circulation clerks. I've known her since I was 5 since her daughters and I were in the same Girl Scout troop and went to the same school (her youngest daughter has relocated, her oldest who is my age, is now engaged and they're looking to relocate to Denver). She remembered it was my birthday, she wished me a happy early one yesterday. She also really supports my move and thinks I should do it (her nephew moved to Detroit and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. She says, "I think you'll love it too and I think you'll find a lot of great opportunity there."). She wrote out the card and had the rest of the processing department sign it as well. When I left, she wasn't in yet... so I'll make her a thank you card.

I always take a 15 minute break while on duty. Last night we had powerful storms and the township building must have lost its power. The vending machine wasn't working. I grumbled. When I got back to the library and back to the backroom, everyone working today in the adult department yelled, "SURPRISE!" and there was a cake waiting for me with a beautiful card. :) I was so happy and everyone gave me a hug. 

Before I left I thanked them. I was telling my boss about Quicken and she said, "Jess, do it! You've wanted this for a long time and it could open a lot of doors for you. Definitely call." I wished everyone a happy 4th. I'm going to miss them when I move, but I will still keep in touch and of course when I come home for Christmas I'll visit the library. :)

I'm also thankful for the Browns. Mrs. Brown always remembers my birthday. This morning there was a gift waiting for me and it was so sweet. I walked down after work, but no one was home, so I'll visit later to thank them. :) They're one of our awesome neighbors. Another family I will miss, but I will keep in touch. This brought a smile to my face.

Birthday Memory: 1996

I know I made a birthday post about always going down the shore for my birthday until 2001. Well, 1996 was the last birthday with mom-mom. As I posted yesterday, she was born on July 2nd and we always celebrated our birthdays together (well, always = 7 years of my life). I remember the excitement of blowing out the candles and watching fireworks on the beach. I always loved beaches at night (and at sunrise, sunset), but there is always something special about the beach on the 4th of July with fireworks above you. Also, that was my first birthday with my little cousin Matt. I always loved holding and playing with him as a young girl. :)

Oh, and Aunt Kathy gave me the best gift ever! Yes, I still have it because I find it adorable. I have always been obsessed with teddy bears, but this is a teddy bear backpack. I'll bring it when I move. :D

Had to get my cheesehead in there!

And since today is throwback Thursday, here are pictures from when I was born on July 4, 1989 and my christening in September (I believe) 1989 (apologies in advanced: the pictures are in an album):

Aunt Kathy holding me.

Aww, nan holding me.

Because I love this picture. I dressed Woo up. I think this is from 1995. He was such a patient cat.


  1. It was so lovely of your colleagues, especially the clerk, to do all that for you. So positive and encouraging! :)

    It's good that the Browns remember your birthday every year and I'm glad that they're a family worth keeping in contact with once you move.

    1. Yes! Most of the library supports my move and think I will be okay. I've grown up with them and I will miss them. It was a nice surprise. :)

      Yes, the Browns are one of the few neighbors we talk to.