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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday 7/24/2014

And for this Thankful Thursday...

I feel blessed that I've dodged many bullets in the past year. Although the move didn't work out and I'm sad that I have to stay here a little bit longer, I'm glad I'm going back to my original dream: Green Bay, WI. I've wanted to move there since 2010, but then I saw writing jobs in Detroit and thought I'd be a shoe in. I was wrong and I don't regret the deviation of seven months because out of some experiences and the way apartments misled me in May and jerked me around and of course the job situation, it made me realize my dream even more. A really good friend is moving to Illinois. The other friends in Detroit are fair weather and they stopped talking to me. I'm a huge Packers fan and have friends in Wisconsin from my travels (and I knew I wanted to move out there eventually, so I made sure I made friends) and friends from high school are in Chicago, so Green Bay is the better option. I'm glad my mom said to me last week, "Maybe you should look at your original dream: Green Bay or Wisconsin in general. I think you'd have a better shot." I'm thankful for checking it out, coming to the realization I'd be paid more with better housing options and I'm thankful for the blessing of not getting anything in Michigan. I am unhappy about staying here as I said, but I'll be looking for a 2nd retail job here as I apply for jobs in Green Bay/ general Wisconsin and save. I am working on my dream now. :) I changed my job alerts and I actually match the jobs in Green Bay/ Wisconsin a lot better than Michigan.

I also want to thank my friend Charlie for being a good friend and listening. Thank you for listening to my thoughts this week and for encouraging me for listening to my gut. I'm also glad you really encouraged me to take the bad realization of the old location too. ::hug::


  1. What's good is no harm has come from this and you're a better person because of it. Plus, you did get a cool trip to Michigan. :)

    1. That's true! :) I did enjoy the zoo (which I just heard back from... didn't get the position, but that's okay as I've changed my mind) and the Motown Museum.