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Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Stories (Ideas for my Book About Nan and Childhood)

I'm tired. This weekend I dog sat for my aunt and uncle (they came home today) and the dogs were good, as always. However, last night we had violent storms. Their one dog is 11 years old and she was rescued 10 years ago by them from a puppy mill. She's actually lucky to be alive because she had worms and a lot of wounds. Well, loud noises freak her out and she was freaked out last night with the storm. Since she's older, she has trouble with stairs, but she came up to my aunt's room to stay with me. We cuddled on the floor and I played a white noise video for her. It worked for a little while, but there are windows everywhere and she could see the lightning. I did get some sleep, but I was worried about her... so it wasn't restful. I'm home tonight and I can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

Before the thunder and storms started, I noticed my aunt had a full body mirror. Nan had one on her door and I wish I took it.  Anyway, I always loved full body mirrors because I do like looking at my body (I know... shame on me). I'm going to post the picture I took last night and I'm going to see if I have one saved from nan's mirror from 2012. I'm thinking about writing a poem about mirrors. Nan always did my hair and I think I might associate it with curling my hair as a child. What do you think?

Today at work my one co-worker was talking about her trip to Hawaii. I was telling her about the one time Aunt Millie went to Hawaii and sent nan and I a bunch of pineapples. I remember that: it was in summer 2004 and Aunt Millie went on a trip with her daughter... my 2nd cousin. Her daughter was a flight attendant, so they flew for free or reduced. I remember the struggle of trying to carve the pineapple and the juicy mess on the table and floors. {e:laugh} The pineapples were so good, though. Nothing beats fresh!


  1. Do they make doggie ear plugs? We now have two white noise machines.

    1. You know, I'm not sure. We've always had cats and when I move I;ll continue with the cats (and chinchillas). When my uncle came home yesterday he pretty much said that even her anxiety pills don't fully help. My cousin believes when she was at the puppy mill, she was chained up and kept outside through everything. Probably puppy PTSD. :( That's why I felt really bad for her.

  2. A piece of writing based on mirrors seems like a great idea. :)

    And I love fresh pineapple, too; it's my favorite fruit.

    1. I'll work on a piece about mirrors, then! :)

      We bought some pineapple this weekend. Dad cut some and made a fruit salad. Can't wait to have some later!