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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some Poems, 12 Years on DJ and 3 Years Knowing Andrew

Hi everyone,

Wow, it seems like July 5th is a busy day! 12 years ago I created a Deadjournal ( because I was 13 and I could sign up without my parents signing a consent form. I just started getting active on the site, but for the longest time you needed a code to sign up (which you would get from a user), so there aren't many active users. I still talk to someone from the UK on that.

Andrew also pointed out that today is 3 years since we've first started talking. Hooray! That's so exciting. He commented one of my entries: Goodbye Ryan and Cecil. And I commented on his: Fireworks 2011. Tempus Fugit... time flies!

Here is a poem I wrote the other day:
A Rondeau For Someone Special
Jessica Marie

Come September,he said,and I'll show
you around the Lakes; we'll put our toes
into the sands around the quiet Western shores.
Anything is better than this town's tours;
Upstate is pretty during Autumn's lows.

I sat myself upon the couch, the woe
no longer holding me, traveling plans sew;
a new crush, has my life been such a bore?
Come September, he said,

I'm not really adventurous, though;
but if you want to travel and mow
from Detroit to here... a new folklore
for my travel books; love at the core
that drives me through leaves and snow.
Come September,he said.

And one I wrote today:
Little Shots
Jessica Marie

Yesterday I wanted your bitter bite,
your distilled goldness mixed in black--
it makes your sting disappear as I fight;
yesterday I wanted your bitter bite.
Around me everything goes white
like the steam that is on attack.
Yesterday I needed your bitter bite,
your distilled goldness hides in black.

What do you think? It feels good to be writing again!


  1. I have a nosy question that I already asked Andrew, but he didn't seem to know. I bet you do.

    Does he sound British, American, or a combo of both?

    I bet combo with more British.

    Thank you in advance. :)


    1. To me, he sounded like a combination with more British. It wasn't totally British, but he had more Americanisms than my great grandma. My great grandma was from Ireland and she was all Brogue... so he's definitely a mix. :)

  2. Happy 12 years and happy 3 years. :)

    And good for you for writing again!

    1. It feels so good! Last night we set off more fireworks. I'll post those pictures and some writing; I've been busy all day, though!

  3. I'm glad I read your delightful prose via email - the contrast on the blog post hurts my eyes. I probably have weird settings on my computer.

    I seem to be a day delayed all the time. orz

    I've heard of Deadjournal but not made one - just LJ (or ЖЖ, rather), then I was cajoled into DreamWidth.
    The Chinese kept telling me about how Russian I seem. Oh well, say I. Perfect for my Ivan Denisovich getup planned this October. (The Russians of my acquaintance I've spoken with insist I sound British) Time to be prisoner щ-854 for a day. Some of my Russian friends claim that would be offensive, but they can't really hurt me, no more than that stomach issue imposed on me by a few well-picked words about two weeks ago.

    Tomorrow around noon I am planning to meet Amy in the Library to discuss philosophy :) I've been buried in Rousseau, then last week I returned the Communist philosophy reader, which was just like Marx, Hegel, Lenin, the lesser-known people from HIS424...

    I am okay with sounding British even if I'm from Coatesville since it helps me sound understandable (in my opinion). Clear enunciation.

    Have a nice evening! I'm listening to some harpsichord/organ Bach.

    1. Ah, I copied it from and I guess it copied that background. :( It's weird. Thank you, though.

      Harpsichord! I love the harpsichord! Have fun studying philosophy! L)