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Friday, July 4, 2014

My 25th Birthday

Hi everyone,

Today I turned 25. It was a low key day, but enjoyable. I decorated my Monoxide/Twiztid cake this morning and some of the icing didn't transfer - but people liked it and thought it looked cool! Monoxide also thought so and wished me a happy birthday! That made my day.

Then I made collard greens for dinner. They came out really well. We just had a quiet dinner with my uncle since my aunt and two of my cousins are in Florida and the other is in Germany. After dinner, we sang happy birthday. However, I put my cake in the freezer to keep the pattern and there was no room in the fridge... so needless to say we didn't have cake! I'll have a slice later and dad will have a piece tomorrow.

We just got back inside from setting off a few fireworks. We're going to get some tomorrow when they're practically free and set more off tomorrow. It also cooled down to 74 degrees and it feels beautiful outside!

Here is My 25th Birthday. Also, a card from Andrew that made me happy:

Thanks, Andrew! :D

And one from Charlie, a friend:

I also really liked Norb's shout-out (another awesome person from


  1. Oh no! Did my card to you go onto two pages? It was meant to be a one-page Word document. :/

    I'm glad you had a pleasant birthday. That cake looks awesome. :)

    1. In protected view, it went on to two... but after I got out of protected view, it was one. :)

      Thank you! I had a slice today and it was good. Oh, I ended up telling you know who about Quicken. I'll e-mail you.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your birthday ^_^

    I spent that day in Rochester, NY working to help my sister move from one lodge to another (she has so much junk it's ridiculous), so I slept through the fireworks since physical labour is tiresome. We had dinner at a fusion Asian restaurant that day - my sister and her friends Vegan cuisine, my parents and I shrimpy and crabby meals. My dish had painfully hot peppers, but I ate half of it there, then the rest of it the next day since we weren't bringing any of our leftovers back.
    My family only returned to West Chester late yesterday afternoon.

    I'm somewhat tired but interested in recording exactly how far I made through the books I have on Goodreads. (The Lenin book is the only one that isn't there, a shame since it's one of the most interesting!)

    *slow blink* Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thank you! I did.

      Aww, how nice to help your sister. Is she staying in Rochester after she graduates? I hear Rochester is nice. Besides the labor, sounds like you had a nice weekend.

      You too!