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Sunday, July 27, 2014

In Memory of Joan and Jim

Last night I was going through old entries on my blog. Yesterday was a year since Joan, nan's old neighbor, passed away. Sad Day. It's ironic because she died six months after nan died. I was always close to the Connors; they were three sisters living together. I remember they would take me out to see movies when I was a child and I loved their tortoise shell cat, Pookie, who sadly died in 2001. I loved that cat. Mary, the eldest sister that is still alive (along with the middle sister, Flo), used to be a nurse and ah man, I have some embarrassing stories that I won't tell on this blog. ::blush:: But, it was always good times with them and nan was close to them. Mary helped nan throughout her cancer saga. Joan had Alzheimer's and Mary chuckled a bit when she said, "Ah, I guess Joan missed your grandmother since they passed within six months of one another." I still see them, but I haven't seen them in two weeks. I have to tell them I went back to my original plan: moving to Wisconsin.

Happy birthday, Jim! He would have been 27 today if his twin hadn't murdered the family. Birthday MourningIn Shock. There was only one other time I felt that shock and sadness; this scaled #2. I felt bad though because a few months earlier we got into a fight. We weren't close - I had a silly crush on him in high school, but I was a nervous wreck that I'd come off as a creepy stalker and didn't talk to him that much. The few interactions were nice and he was a friendly guy. He always added me on social media and we talked more there. I didn't realize he deleted me until after the murder, but it didn't surprise me since the argument was heated and hurtful. That was before I knew I had hypothyroidism and was in denial about it. You know, it still makes me sad to think about it; not as much as three and a half years ago, but it still stings a bit. Anyway... happy birthday, Jim and keep rocking in heaven!


  1. Going through old journal entries helps me remain in character, but also can sadden me considering the myriad missed opportunities and changed social relations. When friends and relatives die, I reflect a little then move on, as they would have liked. (Although that depends on the personality of the person!) I have been reading Animal Wise, which discusses how we can and can't understand how others feel...

    I have embarrassing stories that I tell anywhere and everywhere, just for the practice of telling a story.
    In August I am beginning my next novel adventure, a 300k Bildungsroman! Verst After Verst I think will be the title, a travelogue from Vladivostok across Siberia ending in Tel Aviv. Or that's the plan. Qe may have different plans; in fact, I think she's irate with me for this and that reason, the least of which I'm an unwitting entity who will be disrupting her peace and quiet for the next 300,000 words (50k by 12 by 5 - I found the February word count would need to be 1796 so that is to be my standard, not the NaNoWriMo 1667, affording me a few days off when I hit 50K every month - after the 28th day - unless I am in the middle of an interesting plot twist then I won't be able to stop).
    At least Katya became a good friend when I visited DC this weekend! ♥ My middle school ally who rooms with her warned me not to burst into Russian phrases since that's stereotypical, so I heeded her, communicating in mostly English, though I couldn't help saying one thing по-русски. (It was an accident!) I think that was acceptable, though, after 6 years of steady R. study. x_x With typically rather testy people.

    May your Wisconsinite dreams come to fruition! ^_^ I had a fun interview today at a Uwchlan Target. I hope they don't hire me, but if I accidentally messed up and they do, then my parents will finally get off my case.

    Let's see, when was I saddest? I think that's a tie between having a car accident which interrupted my plans and testing but not succeeding to return to Calculus.
    People drive me crazy so whatever they feel is their business. I've had boyfriends, but none has stuck. They tend to leave me with useful life lessons, though! Maybe I'll get another Victim soon.

  2. You write some really nice memorials, Jessica.