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Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Monoxide (Paul)!

Happy birthday to my main man, Monoxide or Mono or Monoxide Child or Monoxide Paul or Paul! I hope your day is very special and enjoyed. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Poem #1 (Monoxide Has Received My Letter)
Jessica Marie

Monoxide has received my handwritten letter! 
I was browsing around Instagram and Twitter,
it started raining and sleeting,
but dad said it was snowing,
and when it snows, the roads close
from ice, so it was really snowing and
sleeting and I was so bored inside,
that I totally forgot I wrote Monoxide
a four-page, long, drawn out, handwritten letter
for Christmas and to tell him that I loved him
and admired him and he gave me the strength.
As I was sitting inside on this snowy February day,
at noon or was it one o'clock or two?
When I turn away from the window where the cardinal sits
and suddenly I see a headline 
there is plenty of snow in Roseville;
there is no sleet in Cleveland or Detroit or wherever he is now,
but I have not been to the concerts
and I feel perfectly disgraceful,
however, I plan to change that when I get to Michigan,
I'd love to meet and hug you, to shake your hand,
oh, Monoxide, I hope you didn't mind my letter!


  1. I hope that he's having a good birthday. :)

    1. Me too! Maybe next year I can celebrate with him! lol. :p That would be a dream.