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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Although that's not how I feel right now; I didn't get the job in Michigan. I have an interview for another job in Detroit next Tuesday and I am hoping for it even though naysayers say that the job is unrealistic and wouldn't support me. Well, it'd be a start and I can go from there. It'll be easier as a local. I am still sad, but I still have hope.

The Rambler bus driver suggested writing a book about this experience. I'm planning on it, but I am thinking about a fiction piece. I found my creative writing folder from fall 2012/spring 2013 and found some short stories the professor had us read. I was re-reading the stories because I'd like to start a literary circle when I get to Detroit and was getting ideas for stories. I really liked Cathedral by Raymond Carver and spark notes. These are some ideas:

  • For the past week, Family (Juggalos and Juggalette) have been posting their stories and pictures about how the FBI got the gang thing wrong. I'm thinking something about that (my story mixed with their's, but a fictional twist).
  • Job and moving difficulties, almost like what I was thinking for Baltimore, I Love You.
  • Some personal stories, like a roman a clef. 
It's been an emotionally taxing day, I'll play around with it tomorrow. Oh and the title, it's a name of a Modest Mouse album. I love this song and it describes how I feel:


  1. Well, you sound awfully positive, and that's a good start. I used to work in HR and would recommend that people try temp agencies. I did twice, and the second time it lead to a permanent position. Express Personnel seems decent. They've been around forever. There's one in the Detroit suburbs.

    1. I was actually in touch with Kelly Temps and they said once I move they can help. I just wasn't sure how temping would fare with apartment rent (like if the landlord would hold it against you... first time being on my own and have heard a lot of landlords don't care for temping), but if I get the house or rent individually, it shouldn't matter. I'll check out Express Personnel as well. :) I tried something here in Pennsylvania called Careers Express; they were positive. Thank you!