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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cover Letter/ Resume Opinion

Hi y'all!

I have decided that I'm expanding my job search to Wisconsin because I'm tired of coming up short in Michigan. Wisconsin was my first love; I could see myself in either state. Is it smart to expand and look in two states? I found a job through Brown County Library and worked on the cover letter/ resume today. What do you think? ALL OPINIONS ARE WELCOMED!

Jessica Marie
Writer and Librarian

July 18, 2014

Brown County Library
515 Pine Street
Green Bay, WI 54301

Dear Ms. --,
My name is Jessica Marie and I am writing to express my interest in the technical librarian position with the Brown County Library. Through this letter I want to introduce myself and to show you my interest in becoming a part of the Brown County Library community. I have wanted to move to Green Bay, Wisconsin since 2010 after seeing a Packers game and falling in love with the town and residents. After visiting several times, I am willing to relocate and I am eager to bring my enthusiasm and creativity to achieve the mission of providing trusted information and resources to connect people, ideas and the community of Green Bay.  As a professional with an English degree, nine years of experience in a library setting and three years in an office setting, I have demonstrated the following while a student and in my professional life:
·         Maintaining an organized, clean office and area.
·         Patience while working with patrons.
·         Attentive listening and problem solving.
·         Instructing and configuring computers and monitors.
·         Promptness and dependability.
·         Communicating with faculty, staff and the public.

I have demonstrated excellence, organization and knowledge throughout my career. I have always dedicated myself, my talents and creative abilities to bring success to educational and employment goals, which made me trustworthy with my colleagues. I also have wonderful memories and lessons that I learned while teaching older staff members about technology and working with the public at the library. My positive attitude and determination is a valuable asset to any organization that would employ me. I am certain my skill-set will be an asset to Brown County Library.

I would appreciate an interview to discuss the ways in which I could assist you in accomplishing your goals. I will call your office next week concerning any questions you may have, and to arrange a meeting. Of course, you can contact me any time either by phone at (***) ***-****, or through email, at  Thank you for your consideration.


Jessica Marie 

Writer and Librarian

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania                                                 (#)         
(Willing to Relocate to Green Bay, Wisconsin)


To find a job as a librarian to grow and to bring creativity, knowledge and the love of words to young and older minds alike.


West Chester University: The Quad          West Chester, Pennsylvania                            1/2011-10/2013
·         Reported fare changes for SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority)
·         Feature writer on travel pieces about Wisconsin (Green Bay and Milwaukee), Maryland (Baltimore and Northeast), and Germany.
·         Feature writer covering the yearly polar plunge held by the Brandywine Valley Association as well as musical events around the West Chester and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania areas.

Software Application Training                    West Chester, Pennsylvania                             5/2011-12/2013
·         Planned and published manuals on Microsoft Word, Mail Merge, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access
·         Revised old manuals on phishing, spam and protecting yourself on the web.
·         Organized and planned the monthly agenda.
·         Assisted faculty of West Chester University with computer and internet usage.
·         Taught and provided one-on-one training for Word, Mail Merge and Outlook for faculty and staff members of West Chester University.
·         Assisted with planning the yearly RECAP technology conference and assisted during the conference.

Upper Merion Middle School Gold Library             King of Prussia, Pennsylvania                          9/2002-6/2003
·         Redesigned and organized the circulation and student areas.
·         Helped students find materials through the card catalog.
·         Influenced students reading choices by recommending books.

Upper Merion Township Library                               King of Prussia, Pennsylvania                          8/2006-Present
·         Assist patrons on using the online card catalog and locating the materials.
·         Influence and suggest books and entertainment to patrons, which increase materials being checked out.
·         Assist patrons with computer usage, instructing patrons how to use the internet, Microsoft Word and the library printer
·         Organize inter-library loans being delivered to the library.
·         Organize magazines, books, CDs, DVDs and keep general order of the library.

Writing Instructor                           King of Prussia, Pennsylvania                         6/2010-8/2010
·         Assisted students in grammar, setting up sentences, crafting stories and poems.
·         Planned lessons that would influence, excite and motivate students.
·         Organized graded work.
·         Discussed works by other authors to help students get an idea of what worked, didn’t work, the craft and the process of writing.
Discovering Great Artists Art Workshops              King of Prussia, Pennsylvania          7/2014
·         Assist the children’s department of the Upper Merion Township Library in setting up before the program.
·         Oversee the kindergarteners through third graders while the children’s librarian is teaching about the artist of the week.
·         Provide one-on-one help to the children with paint, the use scissors and other art techniques.
·         Encourage children to use their imagination and develop their own art styles while learning about different artists.


§  Currently writing Lambeau Leaping Through Wisconsin; part memoir and part travel guide.


§  Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher (2000, 2003, 2010, 2013).
§  Advanced social media skills for promotion and business.
§  Communication (both speaking and writing) in elementary level Arabic, fluent in German.
§  Library databases and patience to provide the best for patrons.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania               West Chester, Pennsylvania       8/2008- 12/2013
Bachelor of Arts: English Writing                                Minor: Philosophy                          GPA: 3.1


  1. I have had good luck with cover letters. I make them short and throw in some humor. You wore a cheesehead to the Packers game? Dunno.

    Once I applied for a hospital job and stressed my Candy Striper experience. They thought it was funny. I got the job.

    Some people use a friend's address to make it sound like they are local. Little shady, but people do it. Your resume might go to the bottom of the pile since you are so far away. Good luck!

    1. Haha, yes! Always a cheesehead! I'm going to have to add that because that's how I bonded with locals. :D Thanks for that.

      Hmmm, I've heard that too. Sadly, the one friend I had in Green Bay got angry at a mutual friend and deleted me, the mutual friend and other mutual friends with him as well as blocked all of us. But, maybe I could still use her address (though, her address is Green Leaf, WI and I think that's an hour outside of Green Bay?). I have another friend in Ettrick and I think that's a bit away too.