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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Art Museums

I'm going to do some writing later, but I had to post this. On my blog, I belong to a blogging challenge and I love today's prompt.

 If you were going to an art museum, would you rather see paintings or sculptures? Do you like older ones or modern ones?

I love art museums! However, I love paintings the most. When I visited Philadelphia's and Baltimore's art museums, I loved looking at the different paintings more than the sculptures. Don't mind sculptures, but there's just something about paintings I like (and maybe because I'm a better painter than sculptor, so I might be biased). I love the modern paintings, but older ones are nice too - I like both! Here are a link to a few of the paintings I like:

Aww, I seemed to have had the other paintings I liked on Facebook, but never uploaded them to Photobucket. 


  1. Weird. I was just talking about Art Museums. I'm guilty of zooming through and not absorbing.

    1. That's funny. I love looking at paintings, but unless it really stands out, I don't look for a deeper meaning. I just like the art for arts sake. :)

  2. I think I prefer a mixture of paintings and sculptures, like at Chatsworth House.

    Like Susie, I tend to zoom rather than absorb. :o

    1. I love taking pictures. ::laugh:: I do love this mobile though at the Philadelphia Art Museum:

      Let me find it for you tomorrow lol.