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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Days

For my 21st birthday I was a Muslim and couldn't partake in the consumption of alcohol. However, a week before my actual birthday I had a birthday and graduation party. My friend Chris had just graduated from college, so I wanted to celebrate it. Another friend had turned 21, so it was a birthday party for her as well. It was a tea party. I made a Spongebob cake because I thought it was universal. I thought Happy Birthday and Graduation written on a cake might be too much!  The Muslim family I was associated with were coming to the tea party with their two young children; I brought out my stuffed animals. The kids loved that. The rest of the guests and I played charades and we were just so silly. Nan came to the party, as usual with my birthday parties, and she was so funny with playing charades. She was so good at playing. The kids joined in for a bit, but got bored. Nan loved children, so she said to the kids, "Hey, let's go downstairs and play!" Nan took the kids to my basement along with Samira (the mom). Samira later said that she and the kids loved nan; she was such a sweet lady and treated the kids well (I guess they were used to people treating them horribly because they were Egyptian Muslims). It was a good time. Sadly, after I became an apostate (I'm an apostate in both Catholicism and Islam... go me!), they stopped talking to me. I also miss nan.   

It's crazy to think I'm friends with only three of these people now.

After charades and after Samira, Mohamed, Adham and Layla left, we played Guitar Hero. 

I started making the Monoxide/Twiztid logo for my cake. The image printed bigger than what I wanted; I am going to have to make a sheet cake. I was going to dye the batter purple and black and layer them while they were baking. Do you know if I can do that with a sheet cake?


  1. Everyone looks so happy! It appears as though it was a good birthday party. A shame only three of those people are still your friends. :/

    I giggled a little when you wrote "sheet cake"; sometimes "sheet" is used in the place of a similar-sounding rude word. ;) I don't have any baking advice, though; my cakes aren't impressive appearance-wise!

    1. I have to erase "Twiztid." Someone on City-Data said the words should be flipped because when you transfer the image... it'll be like the mirror. Darn. I have the reverse image... fortunately it didn't take much icing. I'll have to get a picture of that, haha.

      It was a good time. :) I've lost almost everyone here. Most have moved away, others lost contact. I can't wait to move.

  2. My son was addicted to Sponge Bob when he was little. No Barney for him!

    1. Barney always frightened me! It's hard to believe Spongebob came out when I was 10. I think it's still going 15 years later.