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Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Goals 6/16/14

1.) Inquire about the tutoring position in the area. Let him know that I'll be moving and this will only be for a month or two.
a. If the location is in a place I can't get to or want to avoid (West Chester), make my own signs to tutor people here (experience for MI).
2.) E-mail Just Crys (181 or any other teacher that can help me come up with lesson plans for this summer and to use once I get to Michigan (I said on my application to Write a House that I'd like to mentor inner city youth).
3.) Finish book tonight for the library prize so I can order it from Amazon for next week.
4.) Work on Michigan writing.
5.) Finally e-mail EthanMB365Stories (68 my comments from "Unstoppable"   by EthanMB365Stories (68 .
6.) Apply to four jobs in Michigan.
7.) Work on iKïyå§ama (970's Wodehouse challenge.


  1. Replies
    1. I decided not to e-mail that guy WCU sent. I don't want to go to West Chester if he lives there, but also if he lives farther out... my boss said it would cost more money to get to him than what I'd be making (if it's paid). I'm looking around here.