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Monday, June 30, 2014

Two For the Price of One: 4 Days!

The first birthday I'll remember today is my 22nd birthday in 2011. On June 25, 2011 I had a Lady Gaga party. I made a really cool cake filled with Jello (it was a vanilla cake, then I poked holes in it and filled it with Jello). I had the cake, then a Tastefully Simple demo and tie dying shirts. The tie dying was so fun. The day before my actual birthday, I went to my friend's house in Philadelphia. We're no longer friends because I found out she just had a lot of drama associated with her and I didn't want to get involved even more because she just wouldn't listen to you. Anyway, on July 3 we got pierced (industrial for me!), went to a hookah bar and then watched fireworks. On my actual birthday, we were granted free admission to the Constitution Center since it was my birthday (I guess being born on the 4th of July has it's perks at times), so we saw that and some other historical places. Dad's friend owns a bakery and they were having an advertising contest. They gave my dad a bag and I had some historical characters take a picture with the bag, then submitted it to the bakery contest. Sadly, I didn't win, but it was still fun. I love that bakery. I might see if they can start a care package (that I'll pay for) when I move to Michigan. It seems like a lot of restaurants do. 

Hmmm... which other birthday shall I recall today? I think I'll recall my 18th birthday in 2007. Christa, an old friend of mine, had a daughter that was born on July 4, 2006 (I remember the call from my other ex friend, "Guess what, Jess! You share a birthday with a cute little girl! She was born today!"), so that afternoon I went to her daughter's first birthday party. It was interesting because as I walked in, mutual friends wished me a happy birthday as did my friend's family. I felt like I was taking away from the little girl, so I put the focus back on her. It was fun; I only stayed for a few hours since I had my own birthday plans. Christa graduated in 2005 (I wouldn't graduate until 2008), so it was nice catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while. That night my parents and nan took me to Legal Seafoods where I had raw oysters and then a lobster dish. The rest of the night was just quiet as we watched the fireworks. This was Woo's, my white Siamese cat we had since 1988, last birthday with me since he died in November. I liked playing with him and I miss him, even though I love my current cat (I will miss her when I move, though).

I bought the stuff for my birthday cake. I am cheating and using a cake mix - Duncan Hines because that's what nan always used (I don't think I'll have the time and I am trying to save money for a cake from scratch). I will make the buttercream icing to cover the cake, but I bought tubes of icing for the design I am going to trace. I'm going to have a Monoxide with the Mostasteless Twiztid logo cake! Here were the different ideas I had and advice on how to decorate: Birthday Cake Decorating Advice. I'm excited to make it. :)

This is the actual Mostasteless Logo

I will get a picture of it with my digital camera when it's done. I asked dad if I could use his SLR film camera for my birthday as well. I am looking at this film: Ilford Black and White, but I was also looking at Ilford Black and White Disposable Camera. I like dad's camera, so I might go with film. Best Film For SLR Camera


  1. On my secret birthday, I eat a restaurant dessert. Less effort.

    1. I usually buy a cake, but since I want to move in the fall... it's cheaper to make my own. This should be interesting! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. :) That was so fun to make.