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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful Thursday 6/5/2014

So today is Thursday! What are you thankful for, dear readers? I've been blogging since 2002. I joined Deadjournal on July 5, 2002, one day after I turned 13. I was excited because I could finally join websites without my parents filling out a permission form! I forget how I heard about Deadjournal, but I thought an online diary could be fun. I still have my account there and I should update it again, but it's now a closed community and only a few users still use it. I did meet a few friends in its hay day, but when I moved over to LiveJournal, I connected with a few more members. I met a good friend on Bolt (another site I joined in 2002) named Carli, whom I still talk to today, we started chatting on message boards and the notebook feature that they had. We talked about everything from merit badges (you could earn them on Bolt by either buying or promoting something or through contests) to music. However, a majority of my good friends have come from and Blogger. Blogging has made a huge difference in my life and I'm glad I got started with it. I've connected with wonderful people from all over and I'm thankful for that experience. I deactivated my Facebook account on Tuesday, but I still use Instagram. I have met quite a few good friends on that, including my one best cat friend: Troops. He sent me this yesterday:

I like what he had to say: Jess, keep believing because when u least expect it God will send u a miracle. Stay strong, friend. I know He has big plans for you. Love ~ Troops.

I smiled when I saw that and I am thankful for friends like Troops. I deactivated Facebook because of all the negativity and drama, but I have found most of my friends, encouragement and strength lies on Blogger, Instagram, and Since deactivating Facebook, I feel more at peace and I saved what Troops sent me because it's true. :) Thanks for being a good friend, Troops!


  1. While I appreciate why you've deactivated for now, I won't deny that I do miss you over there! Of course, we do have our blogs and e-mail, so there's still plenty of contact. :) I just hope that, when you do return, you can unfriend more of those negative people, who only seem to get in your way.

    1. I miss some people, I miss some people a lot like Hal. I don;t have his e-mail, but I have his mailing address so I'm going to send him a letter. I'm really hoping once I move I will be able to delete more people. Like I said, I really hope the move is by the end of summer.