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Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Baby Doll Dress and 6 Days

Hi readers,

I have decided since Friday is my birthday, I am taking this week off for the blog party. Instead, I'll post for my birthday. :D Anyway, after I went to Urban Outfitters on Thursday, I remembered I still had store credit from something I returned 2 years ago. It is only $22, but I figured there was a HUGE sale with 75% off of clothes... why not use it.

I caught the Rambler at 9:17 in the morning and it was so nice sitting in a VERY COLD bus. It was starting to heat up. I was sad to get off twenty minutes later, but I had breakfast at Starbucks since I am a member. I had a Michigan cherry oat bar and a frappucino.

I then walked over to Urban Outfitters. I actually thought I had more on the card, but when I saw the friendly store clerk (he was sorta cute... he had long black hair and a beard and was dressed as a hippy... I probably annoyed him since I kept asking him questions and I sorta chatted him up... but since I'm moving and not interested in dating, I just laughed it off) he checked the card and said I had $22 on it. I loved the books they had, but I wanted to look at their film cameras and of course the clothes that were 75% off. I walked downstairs and love that grunge is coming back. They weren't on sale... yet. I saw one Baby Doll dress I loved, but it wasn't on sale. I was going to try it on anyway. However, I did find another Baby Doll dress that I did find on sale for $19! The rest of the sale items didn't interest me. I grabbed the dress and took both of them upstairs to try on.

This dress was $89. :( I'll go back when it's on sale.

This is the dress I bought.Originally $75 and I bought it for $19.

After finding out the first Baby Doll dress was $89, I put it back and thought I will wait until that's on sale. It seems like their clothes go on sale a lot, so after July 4th (my birthday) it should be on sale. I then looked at the cameras. I liked the Instax Mini, but they wanted $100 for it and then $30 for a 20 pack of film. I want a film camera for when I move to Detroit. I want to experiment. But, I see they are selling the cameras for $56 on Amazon... so maybe before I move. I was thinking of getting a Holga, but we'll see. I just bought the $19 Baby Doll dress and will use the $22 card at a later time. I really love the recipe books they had and the bathroom accessories, so before I move I want to go back to get that... I want to save the $22 credit for stuff like that.

I am happy that I got this dress. I can't wait to get the white one. I've been looking for Baby Doll dresses since 2003. It's a grunge staple. And yes, this has something to do with my birthday! In 2003, my friend Dianna accompanied me to my uncle's pool to celebrate my 14th birthday. Dianna, nan, Aunt Millie, mom, dad and I all went over to Uncle Joey and Aunt Linda's pool. Before we went over, Dianna gave me a gift. It was something related to South Park and a mixed CD. I still have the card in a scrapbook:

But, after we got to Aunt Linda's, Aunt Linda had magic markers for glass. Her children were 5, 6 and 1 at the time, so it made sense. I remember drawing the Nirvana logo on her door and Dianna writing something related to grunge. We did do some swimming, but we just drew all over the door. That was fun. We used to laugh at my Kurt Cobain crush and even my Madrox crush (that's when I had a crush on Madrox... it started as Madrox as a teen, but now it's Monoxide all the way). It was just a lot of fun; I say 2003 was a good year. I discovered grunge more in depth (more of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), metal more in depth and discovered Twiztid and ICP. I think more of my music tastes were taking shape at this point. :) Here's where the card picture came from: South Park Ants in the Pants.


  1. There is an Urban Outfitters in my college town. I always check it out, but never buy...wait, I bought a hat once.

    There is an empty FRAP next to me. Major addiction, :-)

    1. I only buy things when they're on sale... I think I only bought a shirt once when it wasn't on sale, but that's rare. I like their clothes, but I wish they were cheaper! I should see if there are any in Michigan and where they are located.

      Yum. :) A lot of Starbucks here stopped carrying the FRAP bottles. I was so happy to see them in Roseville. Vanilla is my favorite. However, grocery stores still carry them, so I might have to buy. :)

  2. I think you did really well with that dress: you got a great deal and it looks very pretty on you. :) I like its flowers!

    Oh... frappuccinos! I haven't had one of those in years! I used to really like them and I'm sure I'd still like them if I drank one.

    1. I'm quite pleased as well. :) I love it and I can't wait to go back for the white one. I think I'd wear the flower dress for an interview in Michigan. Tomorrow I'm just wearing a floral blouse and black dress pants for the interview here.

      They're so good! As I mentioned to Susie, a lot of Starbucks aren't carrying the frap bottles in PA anymore for some reason. Thank goodness that wasn't the case in Michigan. I love those. You can still get them in grocery stores, though. Does the UK have Starbucks?

    2. Yep, Starbucks is in this country; I had lunch in one three years ago but I don't recall seeing those drinks in there.

    3. It's weird you can get them in grocery stores though. I guess they're trying to bring posher drinks to the store. ::shrug:: I found a cool idea for a cake using some starbucks coffee that I'm going to try. :)