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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doug and Maddie's Graduation Party

Today was my cousins', Doug and Maddie, graduation party. Doug graduated from Temple University after five years in attendance and Maddie from Lafayette after three years in attendance. Doug graduated with a marketing degree and will start his finance job in August; Maddie graduated with a neuroscience degree and will be going back to school for training to be a physician assistant.

It was a nice, small party with family. Mom's side and my uncle's side of the family, so it was intimate. Doug arrived later and said that he had a friend from Detroit; he took my e-mail address and said he will contact his friend to see if he can contact me. I hope so. Both Maddie and Doug were warm to my relocation (a bit surprised) and both said, "Maybe you should be a squatter and change homes every few months for free! It could be inspiration for your writing!" I laughed; actually, we all laughed. It reminds me of what one of my coworkers said a few weeks ago, "Maybe you should live on 8 Mile and you could be the next Eminem! Use the experience of living at 8 Mile and become a millionaire, then buy a portion of Detroit!" :p

Tomorrow mom and I are headed to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia to see their Birds of Paradise exhibit and the butterflies. Is it weird that even though I'm not a big fan of Philadelphia or Pennsylvania, I still have a few favorite spots that I'll miss a little bit when I move? I'll miss the ANS, the Constitution Center, the Franklin Institute, Pennypacker Mills and Valley Forge Park; however, it's not enough to keep me from another place I love (Roseville, metro Detroit) and a region I love (Midwest). I suppose it's not odd at all.


  1. I like that cake. :)

    It's good that you received a welcoming response to your move.

    1. For the most part. Still have some naysayers or those saying I should work here and beg retail until I move.

      Aunt Kathy made it. :) Mom carved a watermelon and put whipped cream on it. Doug hates cake, so she made it for him.