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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Air Conditioning Season and Longer Evenings

We put on our air conditioning today. It got up to 87 degrees today with a feel of 95 degrees; even with the rain and down pours, it's still hot. According to, it's 70 degrees and it's thirty-eight minutes after nine in the evening. I really dislike warm weather because it makes me feel sick. I'm generally hot and this isn't welcomed. I think I feel hot all the time because of my thyroid. Anyway, we turned on the air because my dad and long haired cat can't stand the heat either.

I always notice around this time, the sun sets around 8 pm. My weather app called Weather Whiskers thinks the sun sets here and in Detroit/Roseville, MI around 7pm. I notice it starts getting darker earlier around August before we turn the clocks back. I love when it gets dark early, but it's nice to go out for a walk at 7 or 7:30 pm in the summer. It's cooler. I remember when nan was still alive, I would always take a quick walk near her house, then go back to take a shower. We would always sit on the red porch and watch the sun set and her neighbor's cats. Then we would go back inside and watch TV in the comfort of the air conditioning. In the early to mid 2000s we would watch Golden Girls. Later on, we would just watch whatever. I remember the first summer I started working at WCU, we'd go to bed early so she could take me to the bus at 5:30 for the 6 am bus to be at work by 7 am.

I really miss her. I miss her terribly. In the summer of 2012 that's when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was a survivor, but for some reason her doctor didn't keep on checking up on her. She was healthy, I guess that's why. It was too late when they caught it came back. Sadly, my thyroid was at its lowest and the other meds weren't helping me at all. I was angry and lashed out at her. I didn't stay with her that much. Looking back, I wish I wasn't so dang angry. I guess I was angry too because I knew she was going to die and I was going to lose my best friend. We started spending more time after I got back from my Wisconsin trip at the end of August and when school started. But, boy do I still miss her. I actually started making a collage to hang up when I move.

I didn't intend to get on the subject of nan, but I guess this time of year just brings back a lot of memories because after I aged out of summer camp in 2001, I spent my summers with nan, then when I got work, I spent evenings with her. I really love those memories.


  1. Considering hot weather illness, I collapsed from what seemed like heat exhaustion this morning. It was nervewracking.
    I think I'm hot because it is hot. I got sunburnt earlier this week and took glee in telling people I had painful radiation burns, implying Chernobyl, when really I was just looking up towards the sun for a while.

    It is much more tolerable here/now than it was in the PRC though - the sun did not set until ten at night! Then, you couldn't really drink the water...

    At least your memories of your departed loved one are pleasant. Mine are uncomfortably intersected with the end of Soviet history.

    1. Oh no! I hope you're okay! I don't know how you did the PRC... I would have died from the heat. I really can't do hot weather.

      Yeah, I just miss her a lot.

  2. It's hot here at the moment, too. Unfortunately, most houses in the UK do not have air conditioning installed. It's baffling that new houses aren't built with's not like hot temperatures don't occur in this country or continent!

    On the bright side, hot days here cool down rapidly by the evening and in the summer it doesn't get dark until 9:00-10:00pm.

    It's fine that Nan was mentioned in this post; she was a good human being.

    1. We had our air off for a week because up until today, it was warm but it cooled down at night. Now it's hot again and since I'm sick... even better. -_- I already can't tolerate heat, but add a cold and ugh.

      Yeah. :) I spent a lot of time with nan, so it's hard not to mention her.

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