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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Academy of Natural Science's Birds of Paradise

Today mom and I ventured to Center City Philadelphia to see the Birds of Paradise exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences. The Birds of Paradise exhibit opened on May 3, but this weekend they had birds and live animals out for the children. By the time mom and I arrived to the Academy of Natural Sciences (we took the P&W, then the el and walked to the ANS), we missed the other birds they had out. However, we saw live animals and we were delighted to see a Mosaic chinchilla! Both mom and I told the dossent that we owned a standard gray chinchilla from 1994-1999 and she was a little surprised, but as mom said yesterday she thinks chinnies are becoming more common (back when we owned Squig, it was hard to find supplies). Sadly, we couldn't hold the chinny, but it was nice seeing it. 

Mom hasn't been to the Academy of Natural Sciences since I was a little girl, so she definitely was excited to see the Butterfly Garden. I always love seeing that on my visit. It's humid, though, but it's always delightful to see the tropical colours. Butterflies tend to land on me when I wear my Packers/Clay Matthews shirt and today wasn't an exception!

After we spent a half an hour hanging out with the butterflies, we cooled off (mom called dad back, dad is on standby this week for work) and then saw the Birds of Paradise exhibit! Oh man, that was so cool! They are beautiful creatures and it inspired me that maybe I should pursue a career with writing and photography.I could see a lot of amazing things. I didn't get many pictures since it was a dark area (the few I did get, I'll post for my Friday blog party), but it reminded me of a video Marsha sent me a few months back:

Actually, this is the introduction to the video they show. So, here's a highlight of what you should check out! After learning about the different species of Bird of Paradises, mating rituals, how they dance and how the tribes of New Guinea kill the birds for their tribal traditions, we made our way out of the exhibit and saw a beautiful falcon. I couldn't help but snap many pictures.

After we hung out for a bit, we decided to try this place called Asia in the Parkway. It was amazing! My dad isn't a fan of Philadelphia, I like a few things about Philadelphia and mom is the same way. People are surprised when I say, "Yeah, my parents aren't Philadelphia-philes. We much prefer other cities. Dad and I are fans of other sports teams as well." My dad always liked Baltimore and rural areas in the South and some of the Midwest (though he's never been out Midwest, but he loves the way it looks and would like to see it), my mom likes the South. So, I guess my love for the Midwest and some parts of the South makes sense (and people for the most part are friendlier in those locals). It was a nice day out.


  1. Interesting; sounds like the sort of place my brother would like.

    I remember that video!

    1. I like this place. :) A lot of cities in the US have places like these, so that makes me happy. I'll miss the Academy of Natural Sciences, though.

      It makes me want to be a photographer! My cousin is an ornithologist and I'm about to say, "if you ever need an photographer to go with you!" She moved to Ohio with her husband to go to school; she'll most likely stay there.