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Monday, June 30, 2014

Two For the Price of One: 4 Days!

The first birthday I'll remember today is my 22nd birthday in 2011. On June 25, 2011 I had a Lady Gaga party. I made a really cool cake filled with Jello (it was a vanilla cake, then I poked holes in it and filled it with Jello). I had the cake, then a Tastefully Simple demo and tie dying shirts. The tie dying was so fun. The day before my actual birthday, I went to my friend's house in Philadelphia. We're no longer friends because I found out she just had a lot of drama associated with her and I didn't want to get involved even more because she just wouldn't listen to you. Anyway, on July 3 we got pierced (industrial for me!), went to a hookah bar and then watched fireworks. On my actual birthday, we were granted free admission to the Constitution Center since it was my birthday (I guess being born on the 4th of July has it's perks at times), so we saw that and some other historical places. Dad's friend owns a bakery and they were having an advertising contest. They gave my dad a bag and I had some historical characters take a picture with the bag, then submitted it to the bakery contest. Sadly, I didn't win, but it was still fun. I love that bakery. I might see if they can start a care package (that I'll pay for) when I move to Michigan. It seems like a lot of restaurants do. 

Hmmm... which other birthday shall I recall today? I think I'll recall my 18th birthday in 2007. Christa, an old friend of mine, had a daughter that was born on July 4, 2006 (I remember the call from my other ex friend, "Guess what, Jess! You share a birthday with a cute little girl! She was born today!"), so that afternoon I went to her daughter's first birthday party. It was interesting because as I walked in, mutual friends wished me a happy birthday as did my friend's family. I felt like I was taking away from the little girl, so I put the focus back on her. It was fun; I only stayed for a few hours since I had my own birthday plans. Christa graduated in 2005 (I wouldn't graduate until 2008), so it was nice catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while. That night my parents and nan took me to Legal Seafoods where I had raw oysters and then a lobster dish. The rest of the night was just quiet as we watched the fireworks. This was Woo's, my white Siamese cat we had since 1988, last birthday with me since he died in November. I liked playing with him and I miss him, even though I love my current cat (I will miss her when I move, though).

I bought the stuff for my birthday cake. I am cheating and using a cake mix - Duncan Hines because that's what nan always used (I don't think I'll have the time and I am trying to save money for a cake from scratch). I will make the buttercream icing to cover the cake, but I bought tubes of icing for the design I am going to trace. I'm going to have a Monoxide with the Mostasteless Twiztid logo cake! Here were the different ideas I had and advice on how to decorate: Birthday Cake Decorating Advice. I'm excited to make it. :)

This is the actual Mostasteless Logo

I will get a picture of it with my digital camera when it's done. I asked dad if I could use his SLR film camera for my birthday as well. I am looking at this film: Ilford Black and White, but I was also looking at Ilford Black and White Disposable Camera. I like dad's camera, so I might go with film. Best Film For SLR Camera

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Adventures In St. Peter's Village on St. Peter's Day (6/29/2014)

I thought I captured the whole song, "Folsom Prison Blues" is one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs. Instead, I captured the ending. Here's the actual song:

While we ate at the restaurant in St. Peter's Village in Chester County, PA, we heard this wonderful performer. It had been a while since we went to St. Peter's Village and when we arrived we were surprised to see how crowded it was. When we got to the restaurant, they explained it was St. Peter's Day and there was a special menu. Mom and dad were surprised with how small the menu was; I ordered a crab cake sandwich and they ordered hamburgers. It was so good. It was also nice sitting on the patio. It was hot in King of Prussia, but since it's a rural area, St. Peter's was cool and there was a nice breeze blowing. Before we left, the musician was putting his guitar away. I liked his performance and gave him a dollar. He said his name is Chris and we were chatting about music for a good fifteen minutes. It was a nice day.

Afterwards, I went into the bakery to look at sweets. Everything looked so good, but I ended up buying blueberry cheesecake bars for the three of us. After dinner, I'll be having half of my bar. Since it was St. Peter's Day, the arcade and ice cream shop were closed. :( It was a nice two hours out and it was nice to take a break from SAT practice. I should be good for tomorrow (and tomorrow I will resume with birthday stuff).

Haha, the bathroom was fancy!

Cheesecake bars!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Baby Doll Dress and 6 Days

Hi readers,

I have decided since Friday is my birthday, I am taking this week off for the blog party. Instead, I'll post for my birthday. :D Anyway, after I went to Urban Outfitters on Thursday, I remembered I still had store credit from something I returned 2 years ago. It is only $22, but I figured there was a HUGE sale with 75% off of clothes... why not use it.

I caught the Rambler at 9:17 in the morning and it was so nice sitting in a VERY COLD bus. It was starting to heat up. I was sad to get off twenty minutes later, but I had breakfast at Starbucks since I am a member. I had a Michigan cherry oat bar and a frappucino.

I then walked over to Urban Outfitters. I actually thought I had more on the card, but when I saw the friendly store clerk (he was sorta cute... he had long black hair and a beard and was dressed as a hippy... I probably annoyed him since I kept asking him questions and I sorta chatted him up... but since I'm moving and not interested in dating, I just laughed it off) he checked the card and said I had $22 on it. I loved the books they had, but I wanted to look at their film cameras and of course the clothes that were 75% off. I walked downstairs and love that grunge is coming back. They weren't on sale... yet. I saw one Baby Doll dress I loved, but it wasn't on sale. I was going to try it on anyway. However, I did find another Baby Doll dress that I did find on sale for $19! The rest of the sale items didn't interest me. I grabbed the dress and took both of them upstairs to try on.

This dress was $89. :( I'll go back when it's on sale.

This is the dress I bought.Originally $75 and I bought it for $19.

After finding out the first Baby Doll dress was $89, I put it back and thought I will wait until that's on sale. It seems like their clothes go on sale a lot, so after July 4th (my birthday) it should be on sale. I then looked at the cameras. I liked the Instax Mini, but they wanted $100 for it and then $30 for a 20 pack of film. I want a film camera for when I move to Detroit. I want to experiment. But, I see they are selling the cameras for $56 on Amazon... so maybe before I move. I was thinking of getting a Holga, but we'll see. I just bought the $19 Baby Doll dress and will use the $22 card at a later time. I really love the recipe books they had and the bathroom accessories, so before I move I want to go back to get that... I want to save the $22 credit for stuff like that.

I am happy that I got this dress. I can't wait to get the white one. I've been looking for Baby Doll dresses since 2003. It's a grunge staple. And yes, this has something to do with my birthday! In 2003, my friend Dianna accompanied me to my uncle's pool to celebrate my 14th birthday. Dianna, nan, Aunt Millie, mom, dad and I all went over to Uncle Joey and Aunt Linda's pool. Before we went over, Dianna gave me a gift. It was something related to South Park and a mixed CD. I still have the card in a scrapbook:

But, after we got to Aunt Linda's, Aunt Linda had magic markers for glass. Her children were 5, 6 and 1 at the time, so it made sense. I remember drawing the Nirvana logo on her door and Dianna writing something related to grunge. We did do some swimming, but we just drew all over the door. That was fun. We used to laugh at my Kurt Cobain crush and even my Madrox crush (that's when I had a crush on Madrox... it started as Madrox as a teen, but now it's Monoxide all the way). It was just a lot of fun; I say 2003 was a good year. I discovered grunge more in depth (more of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam), metal more in depth and discovered Twiztid and ICP. I think more of my music tastes were taking shape at this point. :) Here's where the card picture came from: South Park Ants in the Pants.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: 1 Week Until I'm 25! (6/21-6/27)

First Day of Summer 2014
For an awesome poem I wrote to commemorate the day: Summer Solstice 2014.

I love that poem I wrote in the Summer Solstice entry. I am thinking of submitting it to a journal, what do you think? As hinted in the poem, the summer solstice (or maybe I should call it the June solstice since the Southern Hemisphere is now in Winter) marks the beginning of the days getting shorter [by a minute] until the December solstice (Northern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice and Southern Hemisphere's Summer Solstice). I have noticed lately that it gets dark here around 9pm (though, last night it got dark at 8:50pm) and usually we set off fireworks on the 4th of July around 8:30 in the semi dark. After the 4th of July/my birthday that is when I really notice the change of sunset. I always love when it gets dark early. I remember in mid August 2010 when mom and I went to Maryland. We worked in Brandywine for the day, but at night we decided to go to Annapolis. At that point, I hadn't been to Annapolis in a LONG time and I was excited. When we left the branch at around 5:30, it was still light. We went to Buddy's for dinner and sat on the porch to watch the sun slowly go down. When we finished eating, it was still somewhat light - but, it didn't get totally dark until 8pm. It was neat driving back to Brandywine in the dark, passing Baltimore signs with the street lights glaring on them - I knew school was only a few weeks away and fall would be coming soon.

First Day of Summer
(A Poem For Two Voices)
Jessica Marie

Sun is setting
Pinks and oranges colour
The clouds
That slowly disappear.
Purple and navy
Quickly displace
Pinks and oranges
Disappear, stars replace
We take the sky
The moon in front—
We begin to light
The new black sky.
Our bodies swirl,
With light graffiti,
Writing our love
Under the stars
And in the haze,
We wish you
A happy summer.
A happy summer.

Mimi intently watching the bunny.

Saturday, June 21

Mimi spread out on the back bedroom's mattress, keeping cool on this first day of Summer.

To the left of our property, it looks like nasty storms are brewing!

But, to the right of our property, it looks nice!

When we went inside, Mimi went to the den. Here she is watching a fly intently.

Sunday, June 22

Dad's new Shark vacuum cleaner. He loves it!

After I left the craft store, I saw Pet Smart was having a dog adoption drive. So cute. :)

Mom and I saw this bumper sticker on a car and laughed. The older woman and her husband came out and saw I took a picture; the woman laughed and said, "glad you like it! I love it too and have had it since the early 1980s! This is my dope right here," as she pointed to her husband. :D

Rocking Twiztid. I thought I was feeling better so I decided to go to the playground. I wasn't, I was burning up and when I got home I was drenched in sweat. I also lost my taste.

Monday, June 23

I lent one of my co-workers my German books. He's looking to learn German. I'm not sure if he applied to work in Germany (he mentioned to me that I should look in Germany and I smiled because I wanted to live there when I was a teenager. I love Germany. I also found this post Deutschland Besser Als Kalifornian [Is Germany Better Than California]). He, his younger brother (who also works with us), his older sister (used to work with us) and another sibling were all adopted from Mexico. His adopted family adopted their family all together, which I thought was really nice. I left early today because my boss thought I looked flush and sick. I left at 11am and will be working on Thursday morning to make up some time.

These are awesome: shrimp chips!

Tuesday, June 24

I was off, so I took it easy. I worked on the prize I'm donating to the library for summer reading.

If you're interested the book: Awakening From the Shadow Box (CreateSpace), but you can read a lot of my work for free on my portfolio: dunkelhetstern.

Dad came home for lunch and we watched Looney Toons:

This was from that episode and it's cool:

 I made broth (I will cook a soup at a later time) when dad went back to work.

I wanted to make my own vegetable broth, but I realized I ran out of celery… so I improvised and didn’t make it totally vegetarian/vegan. I made it for two servings.
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 strip of bacon
  • ¼ red onion
  • ¼ Vidalia onion
  • 5 carrot sticks
  • 2 teaspoons of garlic powder
  • 3 cups of water
  • Vegetable scraps
  • 2 bay leaves
  • A few sprigs of thyme
  • Salt and pepper, to taste (if you’re looking to make stock, omit these ingredients)

  1. Heat olive oil and the strip of bacon in a large Dutch oven or stock pot over medium-high heat. Once the bacon is cooked, lower the heat to medium and add onions and carrots. Cook until softened (about five minutes), stirring often.
  2. Add water, garlic powder, vegetable scraps, bay leaves and thyme.
  3. Reduce heat to low and let it simmer, covered, for 45 minutes.
  4. Pour broth through a fine mesh strainer into a heat-proof bowl or pot.

I am starting to feel better too. :) Oh, since I am a Packers shareholder, I was invited to attend a meeting and they sent tickets. I wish I could go! I really can't wait to move because Detroit/Roseville is only 5 hours away from Green Bay.

I posted these on the City-Data cat forum and I love the comment my friend gave me:
Senior Member

catdad7x is your friend.
Join Date: Jun 2013
Location: southern kansas
1,364 posts, read 332,856 times
Reputation: 1543

You make a lovely pair.

Haha, I started watching Sick Man again and thought, "Oh! I should comment on it!" Then I had another bright idea:

Yeah, I killed it… literally! I'll leave the rapping to Monoxide and I'll stick off with writing. Sick Man lyrics.

Wednesday, June 25

Magic show!

Feeling better! This was before my walk home. As you could tell, it is VERY hot out.

I made Old Bay Mac N Cheese.

Not bad.

Sorry for the rambling! I wanted to be a part of the linguistics project, then got caught up in a story. Here is what I'm referring to on

Photographer + Writer
@Charlie O_O (90
 my three cities most like me were: Grand Rapids, MI; Buffalo, NY; and Fort Wayne, IN. The three cities least like me were three cities in Texas. Thank God I don't sound like a Texan, eh? 
1 Like • Jun 22, 2014 at 7:08am
Charlie O_O
That's funny, Jess. I guess you're made for the Midwest. 
 Liked • Jun 22, 2014 at 11:23am

And here is another linguistic blog: The Grammarphobia Blog 

Oh, this cheered me up:
Hi Jess,

This is just a quick note to tell ya dont let the turkeys and naysayers get you down. All of the negative attitude toward Metro Detroit is really ludicrous. I personally was born and raised in the California desert. I was miserable in that small town heat. Just wanted to say dont give up on your dreams. Keep fighting for it. 

Metro is in no way as bad as the media and even some locals portray. Where I live the Oakland County suburbs can compare to any wealthy Chicago or Southern Cal beach community. I mean I can walk to a Whole Foods from my house lol. And one of the greatest malls I have EVER been to is just seconds from my house. I laugh when people talk of the ruins of Detroit.

Now in a way I was "lucky", this kinda fell into my lap. Both of my parents passed away due to illness, and its been a struggle. A friend of mine offered me a place to stay with him, a friend bought me a train ticket and here I am. I am from USA of course.

So anyway I wont sugarcoat it, i havent yet been to Detroit proper except on the train ride but the suburbs are absolutely wonderful.I have no doubt that the city of Detroit has its challenges. but the suburbs compare to anything in the Chicago area or in Southern California and I'm certain they compare to the Philly suburbs or those in New York City. The only major go back in this area is the lack of a public light rail system that even Los Angeles, ironically, has in spades.

Im not without challenges, if I am unable to find work and if his visa falls through, i will have to return to the West Coast, but the retail jobs , at least, looks much more promising than that in Southern California within 1 mile of my house there are help wanted signs everywhere something I did not see in Southern California, at least in a small town I live in with was miles from anything. Sometimes I think the propaganda against the city of Detroit and if economic problemsis because many people want to go over they're own problems. Before I left LA, I took the time to buy the trains are in the city a little bit and I noticed that they were also as a Detroit more than a fair share of empty buildings, overgrown lots, and crime. In my Southern California town the unemployment rate is comparable to Detroit's, as is crime and drug use. No Metro D suburb comes close. They are mostly affluent and safe. Even graffiti is minor. 

So bottom line is, dont let people take away your dreams or scare you off. If I do return to SoCal it will be because my friend could not stay here or the weather got too cold, and I hate hot weather anyway lol. Detroit has so much going for it, its sandwiched between the heartland of the Midwest and the East Coast, and borders the very heartland of Canada. I mean come on, whats not to like. I dont get people sometimes. Anyway good luck ,just wanted to send out a word of encouragement.

Es regnet! Es regnet!

Thursday, June 26

I went into work today for a bit to make up time from Monday. I am feeling better, but I wanted tea. Sadly, the herbal tea was gone and they had agave nectar… wasn't a fan of the brand they had.

My broth was so good!

When I got home and dad got home, dad had an eye doctor's appointment. He wanted me to go to show him where it was. I took a walk and saw Urban Outfitters was having a sale. I didn't bring my gift card; I'll go this weekend!

I was tempted to buy it. Nan gave me a record player one year, but sadly mom threw it out. I hate to see how much it is, though.

This was neat, Starbucks had a tea party with half off tea. My passion tea was 92 cents! :)

YAY! It's official, I'm in a photography contest on City-Data. I have my fingers crossed. The picture:
Detroit Zoo Fountain

Friday, June 27

I saw this while I was putting the papers out at the library this morning. Claire kindly sent me the link to the article: Detroit Needs Residents, But Sends Some Packing. This made me so sad to read because honest people are losing their homes. Ford, the person this article is centered on, had been living in his home since he was 3 years old. He is now 49 and starting to get back on his feet since finding a job this past winter. Sadly, he owes back taxes since 2011 and if he doesn't pay, his house will be foreclosed upon. It's funny because I see people my age complaining about the Baby Boomers not retiring and they either can't move up or get a job. I can see the frustration because I feel frustrated: I want to move to Roseville, but at the same time a lot of Baby Boomers are struggling too. If they get laid off of work, they can't easily be rehired because of their age. I see a lot of people come in the library around Mr. Ford's age and older; have been out of work since the recession and can't seem to find any. One guy even said, "I refuse to get LinkedIn! They want my birthdate and the years I graduated high school and college! I could be discriminated against by employers!" I think a lot of the problem is from greedy CEOs just taking more than their fair share. Then again, I didn't study this kind of stuff in school and can't really say 100% what the problem is. That's enough of that rant for today…

On the other night I made a post about how I keep all my cards from every occasion. I will never get rid of them and I will be bringing them with me.

These two cards were given/sent to me in 2001. The handmade card was given to me at my 12th birthday party by my friend at the time, Steffany. I loved this card because I loved these gif dolls. I remember having a Limp Bizkit Nookie girl doll. The 2nd card was sent to me from Daniel. I love this one as well because I love the Peanuts gang. They along with Garfield and Calvin & Hobbes have always been my favorite.

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @
The Doll Palace

Haha, this place still exists! I remember having this one too:
Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @
The Doll Palace

And Kittie (yes, I've been listening to heavy metal since I was 12):
Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @
The Doll Palace

Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @
The Doll Palace
Yeah… girls in the late 90s and early 2000s must have loved wasting ink!

I remember my 12th birthday party. That birthday party was June 30. A group of 5 girls (Andrea, Lillian, Liz, Steffany and Danielle) and I went roller skating. At that time, there was a skating rink in Villanova, and we had a roller skating party. We roller skated for 4 hours to awesome music of all types, had cake and food in their entertainment area and then played in the arcade. I miss that skating rink; it was knocked down for businesses. I should see if there are still any left in Michigan; I'd love to start skating again! On my actual 12th birthday, Great Aunt Marie (nan's sister-in-law) was very sick and in the hospital. Nan and I went to visit her for a couple of hours and cheered her up. That was the year we weren't at the beach for my birthday (we left a week later… that was our last year in Cape May). I really liked spending time with Great Aunt Marie; she sadly died a few weeks later. Her along with nan always encouraged me to keep writing and drawing.

These are my two boxes of cards. I'm going to need to get another soon!

I have decided that I am going to make a Twiztid cake for my birthday. I didn't find any transparencies, so I tweeted them:

I mean, I'm not opposed to drawing… it's just drawing with icing can be a bit difficult. Or maybe I can make a transparency of this handsome man (whose birthday is July 14 :D ):

I hope y'all have a great day and weekend. :) ~Jessica

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