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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Visiting Detroit/Roseville/Fraser, MI!

Hi dear readers,

In a little less than a week, I will be arriving by Amtrak to Detroit, MI at 6:30 in the morning. I will be leaving King of Prussia around 10am because the train leaves at 12:45 pm, I'll get to Pittsburgh at around 8 pm, leave there at 10 pm, then get to Toledo and then an hour by bus to Detroit. Since I will be traveling over night and probably not sleeping much (I'm assuming Toledo is the last stop before the bus), I decided I'm not going to be meeting with the landlords in Roseville and Fraser until Wednesday and jobs on Thursday (I don't leave Detroit until 8 pm). I am going to just walk into libraries and talk with people because I'd prefer to talk face to face, but if Kelly doesn't e-mail me back by tomorrow when I'm done work, I'll give them a call. I have some other places I'd like to try. So, Tuesday, when I get there, I will just be sightseeing to get used to the area and public transit. User Belleisle on City-Data suggested this restaurant: New Center Eatery. Many other users of the City-Data forum mirrored her recommendation and said it's awesome (it almost looks like a Miss Shirley's Cafe in Baltimore). However, it doesn't open until 8 am. I'm going to check out Belle Isle first because it looks so beautiful and I'm going to bring my tripod to get some awesome pictures of this trip. One of the members I talk to a lot, DetwahDJ (such a wealth of knowledge) also sent me the following links:

Show Me Detroit Tours
Experience Detroit
Places To Go

I am going to do the Experience Detroit one because I only have to pay for the People Mover and it's self guided (I can get a People Mover pass for $10, but it's $0.50 per ride). Comerica Park is on that tour, which I really want to see (I'm just sad the Tigers are away those days I'm there, but once I move, I can see games) and get some pictures. I saw they have a professional photographer to capture some; I was thinking of getting one as an author picture since I do want to update my author picture, but I'm sort of nervous to ask how much those cost because when I got my last author picture done in 2010 by a studio that was $300 (yeah, I really should get into the photography business!). However, I noticed Hitsville, USA (Motown Museum) isn't on the tour. I really want to see that too, so maybe before Comerica Park I can go.

I am going to be staying at a Best Western in Roseville, MI, which is 30 minutes by bus away from the apartments I'm going to look at. I love all the apartments I heard from from the online view, so I can't wait to see them in person and decided which I want to settle in. I can't check into my hotel until 3 pm and it takes about an hour by bus (SMART) from Detroit to get there. From there I'm debating what to do: I'm only 15 minutes away from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and it looks like they have great restaurants and entertainment. But, I'll probably be really tired and might just go to restaurants near the hotel, which I believe is a Texas Roadhouse and I'm near a mall. I might go to Windsor on Wednesday evening after I meet with the land lords... I want to go early because another user on City-Data said after 7 pm SMART doesn't travel outside of Detroit (or maybe it stops running altogether) and I'd have to take DDOT to get to Roseville and the suburbs. However, I'd have to wait for DDOT at 8 Mile Rd. and I want to avoid 8 Mile at night. Roseville is 15 minutes by car from Detroit, so I could cab it... I've noticed cities are cheaper than suburbs with cab fare; I'll have to see.

On Thursday I'll be meeting with libraries as I said. I'm going to try: Roseville Public Library, Detroit Public Library, Detroit Zoo (I want to see the zoo anyway, I love zoos... I applied there in December, they said don't contact us, but maybe by seeing in person...), and hopefully Kelly Temps. I have to check out of my hotel at 11 am, so I'll take my back pack with me (packing light). Before I leave, I'm going to check out Zenith, which is right near the Amtrak station.

I'll be bringing my laptop because I am thinking I want to write a book about my relocation experiences. What do you think? Think it would be published? Haha. I also want to bring my laptop to keep in touch with people and to upload the pictures I take. I'm going to bring my DSLR and my simple point and shoot (for the apartments and I'm not sure what the rules are for tours of Comerica; I know for actual games DSLR cameras aren't allowed since they're professional). I'm really excited!

Windsor Attractions
Rockhead Pub
Parks in Windsor

Detroit: 10 Day Forecast
Roseville: 10 Day Forecast

Looks like it's going to be cloudy and in the 60s: I'll just bring nice dress pants and well, I wear short sleeves all year round. I'll bring a light jacket. I'm going to wear my Twiztid shirt when I arrive and I have something in mind if I go to Windsor. I'm really excited! ^_^


  1. All sounds great! I look forward to hearing about what happens. :)

    1. I'm so excited , Andrew! I feel like things are finally falling into place. :)