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Friday, May 30, 2014

Visiting Detroit for the First Time (Pure Michigan)

I'm only going to post a blurb here because I eventually want to publish this. However, I will be putting the whole piece on City-Data because I find that fitting for obvious reasons. I will link the finished piece later or tomorrow; for now, sit back and enjoy. :) Let me know what you think of it thus far! Thanks, Jessica

Pure Michigan
What you see is not expected yet,
this town has much Pure Michigan beauty-
downtown and beautiful designs, don't fret
what you see is not expected yet.
Sit down at the cafes ad get
waffles with chicken or toppings so fruity.
What you see is not expected yet
you'll learn this town has Pure Michigan beauty.

When I was 24 years old, for reasons I can only explain and a few people that can understand, I decided that I would move to Detroit. I had not been there yet, but as a pre-teen and young teenager I always wanted to go to meet Eminem or Twiztid or whomever and would be a famous writer there. "BECOME AN INTERN FOR THE TIGERS" or "SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT WANTED," I can still see those words of the Facebook and Indeed advertisements so vividly. I was a new college graduate and I sent my resume off and expected to say adieu to King of Prussia by the end of February.

But, there were apparently other plans as I wasn't considered at that time or never heard back. I fell into a deep depression and decided to try retail in King of Prussia for a few months to transfer to Detroit or Roseville; I had decided on Roseville because I want to do suburban living and the kind folks at said Roseville was the most transit friendly suburb. Yet, I never heard from retail in King of Prussia and decided, "I might just have to take the plunge and move."

So here I am at 24 and half sitting on a bus leaving Toledo, Ohio. I had just spent twelve hours on a train; I was tired, yet I was excited and I knew sleeping would be out of the question even at 8:30 in the morning. I still had the Faygo this kind black woman gave to me as we entered the Toledo station. Our train was an hour late and we were told we would have to wait another two hours because the bus left. However, fate was on my side: they found a bus and we were leaving now. We exited Toledo quickly and I was excited to see the "Welcome to Pure Michigan" sign, but the driver was going too fast to snap a picture.


  1. I like it because I know the story behind it. I hope it'll help to make others understand your perspective.

    1. Thank you! I'm going to finish the rest tonight and post it onto City-Data... I can send it to you when done. :)