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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: Don't Stop Believin' (5/3-5/9)

Ah, it's been such a great week and this song is so true! I've been persistent and haven't given up and things are finally falling into place! I have good feelings and I am so excited! 

Saturday, May 3

Happy Caturday!

I woke up with Miss Mimi cuddled next to me.

As I was waiting for the bus, I saw this beautiful tulip and Lily of the Valleys. I wish I had my regular camera.

Look what I got on sale! $2 for the kitchen towels and $3 for the book.

I played chef and made Creamy Dandelion and Spinach soup.

I made salmon and collard greens (saving the soup for tomorrow). I also made a bees knees, which was gin, honey syrup and lemonade. The gin hit me hard and I stuck to the virgin version (honey syrup and lemonade) the rest of the night.

My monster friends… I was feeling the gin and I slept the rest of the night.

Happy Birthday, Great Grandma Mary! She would have been 104 today (she died at 99.5).

Sunday, May 4

Yes, these were nan's favorite flowers and they are mine too.

Here is what the new people that bought nan's house did. They got rid of the flowers. :( But, what they did do is really nice. I'm asking a favor: here is my wish list. I have some Lily of the Valley pips and pots on the list… it would mean the world to me. I would love to grow them for my apartment.

It was a rainy day; Mimi stayed on my bed.

I've lost weight! My shirt is baggy. :)

Mmm, the creamy dandelion and spinach soup was so good!

I finally made it to the $50 on Bubblews! I could redeem now for cash, but I'm going to wait until $75.

Monday, May 5

Here are my goals for the week. It's going to be a busy week as I prepare for my trip next week and parents come home from Ireland on Thursday evening.

1. Call some places of employment today and tomorrow.
2. Call my doctor in Pennsylvania to get thyroid hormone refills and should I tell him about my relocation?
3. Find things to do in Detroit for when I get there, then find places to eat in Roseville.
4. *MAYBE* look at 2 more apartments.

1. Go summer business clothes shopping.
2. Skype Andrew tomorrow morning (afternoon his time).
3. Finish the collage project I started of nan's pictures.
4. Work on a recipe book.

1. Add two items to my portfolio.
2. Review two members I haven't reviewed before.

I had lox on a bagel for lunch today.

Thanks to Sam for sending me the recipe. Although, it was supposed to be pasta, I ran out and only had raviolis. Dandelion Raviolis 

I'm working on the collage.

Tuesday, May 6
Happy Birthday, Aunt Millie! She would have been 96 today (she was nan's older sister).
Aunt Millie is in the center.

I went to the mall today to look at more summer clothes. However, when I was there I just reminded myself mom bought me some dress clothes. It was just expensive here… I'm hoping the mall in Roseville is cheaper!

This was a makeup store, it was interesting to see a giraffe hanging up.

I loved this dress! But, it was a little too tight. :( Sadly, H&M didn't have a 14 in this dress.

I loved this dress too, but I couldn't zip it all the way because I couldn't reach… I think I would have needed a larger size (I dunno, what do you think)? However, it was expensive and I didn't see it on Hot Topic's website.

I loved this. I love the Peanuts gang. I'm not sure if Hallmark has a wishlist, but I might see if Amazon has this. This is so true!

This is the Mother's Day card I bought for mom. I also got her a $10 Chipotle card since she loves that place.

I had the pleasure of talking to Andrew today. Such a great conversation. :)

The Lily of the Valleys have opened some more!

I didn't have the courage to do that. I was scared, but I know next week will be busy and as I was saying to Andrew and Julie, I want to meet him through a VIP first (I think I'd be too nervous). That would have been cool though… one can always dream!

The two dressier items are what I'm going to wear for job interviews and meeting with landlords. The corset and black pants are what I'm going to wear into Windsor. What do you think?

Mimi watched me as I laid out the clothes for the pictures.

Wednesday, May 7

I called Kelly Temps in Detroit and Livonia today! Detroit is going to help me, the gentleman had me send him my resume and I hope he gets back to me. He sounded promising and also told me to contact Livonia since that's closer to Roseville/Fraser and to check out their creative writing department. Livonia has me on file from when I applied for the library job (sadly it closed when I applied) and they will help me out when I move. Things are finally falling into place!

I love this.

Tonight Aunt Kathy and I went to see Matthew's last high school concert. It was amazing. :) Here are a few videos I took:

I found the ABC biography I wrote in 9th grade.

S is for Squig. Squig was my pet chinchilla that I got at my fifth birthday party. That year we invited my preschool class and my relatives. Mrs. Chadwick's Pet Farm came and showed off other animals. I remember before going down to the basement, the kids in my preschool class were playing outside, running around, doing other little kid activities and the pinata. When it was time to go down to the basement for the pet show, my mom showed us down there, they followed and so did my other relatives. Mrs. Chadwick called me up to see the animals since she was giving a show. She had me close my eyes and she put something around my neck. When I opened them, I remember a huge brown snake around my neck. She showed off other animals and at the end of the show she told me I could pick any animal I wanted and I could keep the animal; I picked the chinchilla. I don't know why I named him Squig, I think it was a funny name to me then. Surprisingly, my cat got along with him.

I used to give Squig dust baths; it was so cute to watch him roll around in the dust, which was to keep him clean. When my dad took him out of the cage, we had to watch him carefully so he wouldn't run behind the couch and chew the wires. In elementary school I would always bring him in for show and tell; my classmates (with the supervision of mom) always loved to pet and hold him.

One day in August 1999, I remember that day so clearly, I was a Girl Scout then and I was supposed to go to Girl Scout Camp. It was rainy and miserable, the only day in the summer we had rain. Squig was sick and I was so sad to leave him. Well, I didn't leave him; the camp was canceled since a serial killer was on the loose in Maryland where the camp was located. When I got home, Squig was still in bad condition. During the crab dinner we laid him on the couch and shortly after he died. I cried so much; my dad lifted him up and by that time the sky was purple from the setting sun and we buried him in the garden besides the house. I cried for weeks over that and to this day I still cry.

After I move and get settled, I feel like writing an ABC biography of myself 10 years later. :)

Thursday, May 8

I woke up next to her this morning. :3

This is how nan used to make French toast… just egg, milk, salt and pepper. It reminded me when Crystal posted her breakfast last week on instagram. I prefer it that way and it was so good. I miss nan's cooking.

Nan's French Toast

1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1/8 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper

Whisk, dunk bread and put in the buttered skillet. Enjoy!

I had to get a picture of what I appear like to Andrew on Skype this morning. I liked the way my hair looked, haha. I enjoyed our discussion: we were talking about Monoxide and the implications of liking him (among other things). As I posted under the Tweet I didn't send, I want to meet him at a VIP first and even though he's awesome, I'm a little nervous about meeting people after things happened in November. Andrew gave me an insight that I didn't think of either: Monoxide would most likely say no because he'd be just as nervous because you never know what you get with a fan and his celebrity. That's true too! So, hopefully when Twiztid plays Michigan next I can go and get VIP.

I threw a piece of bread outside and I thought this bird was pretty.

Mimi loves looking at the birds

There are some cool things in Detroit: Play Hard in the D and I think I might have a new tea place when I move to Roseville! I'm going to check it out when I visit. Socra Tea.

Mom and dad returned home tonight. Mom bought me this Beleek for my apartment. She said, "I bought you something you can hang in your apartment." YAY! I feel good things coming.

Friday, May 9
Happy birthday, Pop-pop! He would have been 74 today.

Ah, yes, the fun begins of getting travel supplies! I like Dove soap, so I wanted Dove.

This is what I bought. I love baby shampoo. I have tooth paste samples at home from what the dentist gives us at each visit.

So pretty!

My passport is all ready! I will be going into Windsor, ON, Canada on Tuesday evening. I'm going to see if the hotel will let me check in a little early so I can shower, get changed and then head back to Detroit to take the bus in. I guess I'll make sure that this bus doesn't run after a certain time.

I'm really excited for my trip and I have very good feelings about the outcome as do my coworkers. They all hugged me, wished me luck and said, "We know you got this! Remember to negotiate! We can't wait to hear the results! Have fun and be safe!" That made me feel good. I'm going to miss them when I move, but it's time to grow and I have wanted to do this for a long while. It's been a great week. Finally, here are my accomplishments for this week:

1. Call some places of employment today and tomorrow.
I called Kelly Temp Services both in Detroit and Livonia. The one in Detroit had me send them my resume. The one in Livonia said they will help me when I move. YAY! I also saw Slows Bar B-Q is hiring, so once I get the local address, I will apply. Job

2. Call my doctor in Pennsylvania to get thyroid hormone refills and should I tell him about my relocation?
Refill was sent in! I didn't tell them about my relocation.

3. Find things to do in Detroit for when I get there, then find places to eat in Roseville.
I found a lot of neat places in Detroit:

Other places can be found in my blog entry here.

4. *MAYBE* look at 2 more apartments.
I found one more in Roseville. I really like the look of it and the price. I think this is on my definitely list and I hope it checks out.  Wentworth.

And what I like to call my someday, dream home.

1. Go summer business clothes shopping.
I couldn't find anything here, but I remembered mom bought me some clothes that I can wear. :)

2. Skype Andrew tomorrow morning (afternoon his time).
I Skyped Andrew on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was nice catching up and talking. I'll do it more when I move.

3. Finish the collage project I started of nan's pictures.
Yes! It looks great! 

4. Work on a recipe book.
I got some drinks added. :)

1. Add two items to my portfolio.
I added three:

And one to my book about nan: Lily of My Heart.

I'm debating adding this one:
Bitte Segne Dieses Haus
(Bless This Home)
Jessica Marie

Bitte segne dieses Haus; bless my home,
the white Belleek, clover, in polyurethane foam.
Oh, Roseville summers I will not forget
the lessons, the friends made, the heat and sweat
from the warm Michigan sun and nights I roam.

But, then winter came and holiday shalom
undid me in Monoxide hugs and Hallowicked tomes,
I welcomed the fluffy snow and a new pet;
bitte segne dieses Haus; bless my home.

Only quilts, life and dreams cause peaceful ohms,
then spring comes with stars and observation domes--
I thought nothing with angst, even small debt;
independence and Michigan beauty left curiosity whet.
I have learned so much through tall, motley bromes--
bitte segne dieses Haus; bless my home.

2. Review two members I haven't reviewed before.
Only have one done. I might review others, but this weekend I'm just going to bed early since it's going to be a busy week.

Weekly Fluff:

@meghan_emily. One of my high school friends... I love her dogs!

@sashwit. I randomly began following this cat page. Adorable!

@lennyluv. My friend Lindsey's page. She posts a lot of pictures of Peter, her cat.

And for Flashback Friday: me and nan's Woo. This was taken 4 months before he died, which you can tell by how frail he is. This was from August 2005.

 I always loved this one. This was taken in December 2004 right after I was given my first digital camera:

Well, I will keep everyone updated while on my trip! I can't wait to report back next week!


  1. *gets Constant Vomit tea* My father HATES this drink - so I am taking care of it. His appellation has an unfortunate amount of merit, but I have only a few hundred more millilitres to imbibe...
    Today I am excited to get a Hindi film called Aamras! That is a kind of mango from India. I reviewed my Nehru/Gandhi notes in preparation, especially since I also am getting Tolstoy's Hadji Murat in the same trip. The latter is not Indian, rather Caucasian (in a way different from how either of us are), but it is about as unfamiliar. I'm excited! I haven't had such a cultural blast since sitting next to the Indian girl in my Comparative Politics class last semester. I knew her from the International Relations course three back. She was very concerned about her child - so many of my female colleagues have crotchdroppings on their mind.
    I am in the window for a period soon, but three weeks ago, I did, um... he told me not to worry since it was protected, but life finds a way...

    This Wednesday is my 25th birthday. As always, I am minimalistic on getting Mother's Day memorabilia, since the two are so close.

    Eventually I mean to stay in Canada for a trip. (I transferred through Toronto for a more reasonable US-PRC fare) Let me know how it is! I am more likely to next visit Cong at Leeds in Great Britain, but Canada is very high on my international agenda. (Many of my IR peers jeer that Canada is not international - no, it is not an ocean away... The Mounties are pretty strict in their regulations! I couldn't bring back scissors from my counted cross-stitch pattern.)

    Enjoy yourself!

    1. Thank you! Excited! I will be posting about it.

      Happy birthday!