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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thankful Thursday 5/22/2014

Although today was a bit of a downer (I should send Meg of SocraTea a "thank you" e-mail for chatting with me today: thanks, Meg! I want to congratulate you as well), it did pick up. A former classmate said I could use her as a reference for Michael's crafts in Roseville when I talk to them tomorrow - she works for the store in Pennsylvania and will be transferring to California. I have hope and will be praying that a retail job will start me in Roseville rather than King of Prussia. I am thankful for Anna's kindness in letting me use her as a reference and I'm thankful for Zach for his valuable information. I'm also thankful for Liz for letting me use her as a reference for the apartment and Steve for letting me use him as a reference for whatever. Although things can seem tough, I'm glad I have this help and I'm glad for the experience since I'm trying to write a book on relocation. I also think some barriers make you fight harder.

I'm going to write some things... I'll make a post later!


  1. It's great that all these people are willing to help!

    1. Agreed. I just hope I get something soon. I'm calling retail places today.