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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thankful Thursday 5/1/2014


I thank the heavens for blessing me with you—
for the lessons you taught me as a little girl;
the Father-Daughter dances we went to on Friday nights.
You in a suit and me in a dress that was glittery and blue;
"I've got sunshine," as the record spins and twirls;
you hold me in your arms and it must have been a sight.

Every day we'd ride around in your car;
as the wind blows our hair the bass whirls
while Eminem raps or Kittie shred guitars with fright;
we'd complain about the heat and rejoice fall wasn't far:
smiles so bright.

#tbt Dad and Me at the Father/Daughter dance in 1998.

You're probably wondering what I'm thankful for today. I've written about nan and dad ad nauseam  for thankful  Thursday; so it's not entirely that. Yesterday before my parents left for Ireland, I was reading the April 2014 issue of Psychology Today. There was an article called "The Beat [Up] Generation" that was about how Baby Boomers and some Gen-Xers perceive Millennials in the work force. Basically Baby Boomers perceive Millenials as entitled, needy, disrespectful and short attention spans. Disrespect and having a short attention span are the biggies in this article. We are perceived as ADHD driven because most Millenials don't stay with a job if they see they are not getting anything out of it where a Baby Boomer would grow with a company and a Gen-Xer would wait for promotions. Disrespectful is coming from not emotional, data driven and not following hierarchies. As I read this article, it hit me that I grew up in a cross-generational home with nan (depression era), mom and dad (Baby Boomers) and when Daniel stayed with nan (Gen-X). I'm thankful for that experience because I think it made me who I am. I know to some people my move to Michigan seems rash, but in a career I want to grow with a company and I want to stay a long time. Heck, my resume shows that (almost 8 years at the library, 3 at WCU) and if I can with that growth I want to be promoted. It doesn't really bother me if I will have to work two jobs. I believe by growing up with so many different ages of people (alright, maybe not so much with people my age being an only child) opened my eyes to a lot of things. 

Anyway, I'm also thankful for one of the members I connected with on City-Data. This person has been a big help and has had a wealth of information. I have my fingers crossed and have been saying prayers; my dreams are finally coming true! I'm excited for this, but a little nervous. 

Happy May Day!


  1. I'm not really concerned or interested in what older generations supposedly think about younger generations. When the current older generations were in their youth they were criticized by the then-older's nothing new! When a generation gets into power, they tend to forget what they were like when they were young.

    I like that picture of you and your Dad. :) Happy May Day to you, too, and good luck with the new prospects!

    1. That's true - I don't think generalizations fit everyone because I know I'm not entitled, etc and I know a lot who aren't either. I think it depends on personality, honestly.

      Thank you and thank you. :) Off to post picture blog: keeping it in a one note document is so much easier!