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Saturday, May 10, 2014

More Plans

Well, I'm not sure if I will go to Windsor on Tuesday night... I might go before I leave on Thursday; however, I can go after I move as well. Mom brought up a good point: I have a lot to do in the days I am there from apartment hunting to talking to some jobs. I need my hair trimmed; I figured I wanted to wait until I'm there in Roseville so I have an idea of places. I found one called London Calling. It got good reviews, but I'm not sure if it's expensive. I pay $17 just for a wash/cut at Hair Cuttery... no blow dry. This is $30-$65 for the blow dry (and consultation as well), so I guess it's not too bad if it stays at $30. I wonder why it ranges so much? I wonder if Great Clips would be cheap?

Here's a restaurant I am going to check out on the first night: Dooley's Irish. I'm going to keep it low key since I think I'll be very tired from Amtrak and exploring Detroit during the day. I'll upload pictures and just rest for meeting with the landlords in Roseville and Fraser on Wednesday. Wednesday night I'll go to Slows in Detroit and tell them I'm moving. It's going to be a very busy trip, but I'm excited... I'm excited to make the next step in my life. ::fingers crossed::

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