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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Downtown Detroit

DetwahDJ shared these videos with me:

More on downtown.

If you are into architecture, check out the Guardian Building. You cab snack and chill there.

Getting so excited! ^_^

One of my friends on City-Data said there is a Checker's Cab in Detroit that goes to Roseville, but the base is $2.50 and it's $1.60 per mile... Roseville is 20 minutes. I'm still debating when to go to Windsor... I might go during the day. Go to Hitsville, USA and Comerica first, then go to Windsor, then get back to Roseville before 7pm (friend on City-Data said I'd have to rely on DDOT after 7pm and I don't want to wait alone at 8 Mile). I think it can be done... it's a 15 minute drive to Canada and I don't think waiting at the border would be too bad. Unless I go to Windsor first thing when I get to Detroit (6:30am) to beat traffic. I'm not sure, though. Anyone know?


  1. Unfortunately, I don't know, as I'm not familiar with the area. :/ Glad you're excited, though, that's what's most imporant! :D

    1. I think I'm just going to plug in the miles from Detroit to Roseville and go from there. But, I dunno, I want to get good pictures of Windsor (especially if we have to get out of the bus to check passports, there should be a sign that says "Welcome to Windsor!" that I want to get a picture of), so going during the day might be better. I get into Detroit at 6:30 am, a lot of places in Detroit open later, so going to Windsor then might not be bad.

  2. I don't know.

    The hair stylist bizarrely approved so much of how that mathematician thought of my adjusted hairstyle O_o Honestly, I don't strain for that level of approval. Looks are fleeting. In two weeks I'm losing four more inches.