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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Letter to General Lee

Here is part two of the prompt: May 21, 2014 Prompt: Write a letter to someone who served and died in any war between the American Civil War and the present.
It's a letter to a dead soldier: General Lee from the Civil War.

Dear General Lee,

It's hard to write in a letter about how much you inspire me, so I'll put it into a poem:

You fought to protect the South's glory,
despite four long years that dragged -
today we still need to walk paths so gory.
You fought to protect the South's glory
from Northern aggression that was never sorry;
in theft and murder, they always bragged.
You fought to protect the South's glory,
those four long years and battles dragged.

Lately, I've been loving the triolet form of poetry. It feels nice to be writing Civil War poems again; I used to write Civil War poetry a lot and it helped me win a contest while in high school. I've been a Civil War enthusiast for ten years now, ever since my 8th grade class took a trip to Gettysburg. There was just something about the battlefield and other battlefields that made me fall in love with the time period. I love studying the War and I love learning about you. It makes me sad that more people don't take your lessons or study history of any time period. The Civil War era offers many chances for discussion, but it seems like too many people are afraid and uncomfortable to talk about its implications.

Six years ago I did my senior graduation project (high school) on the Civil War and I generated discussion. I loved the documentary I made, although about Nathan Bedford Forest, and the games I made for my former classmates to learn. It went over well, however, nowadays I still keep discussions alive on my Facebook and by going to reenactments. I'm moving to Roseville, Michigan soon, but Jackson has a reenactment each year. From what I gathered about Michigan and even Wisconsin has a Civil War museum, Midwesterners love the Civil War it seems and that makes me very happy. :) I'm excited for the possibility of growth, much like the spirit you had.

Thanks for your service and the lessons you taught us all, General Lee!


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