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Saturday, May 31, 2014

SocraTea: Detroit and My History with Tearooms

I've been posting some blurbs to Bubblews about some tearooms, especially SocraTea. I know all of you remember me blogging about the Lincoln Room, which sadly closed in May 2014. I want to make SocraTea my new hangout when I move to Roseville because I loved that tearoom and it has that welcoming feel. Here are the two blurbs I posted to Bubblews: one about the Lincoln Room and one about SocraTea. I think I'm going to combine them for my book to show why I have such a pull to tearooms. Of course, I'll write how I went when I was a little girl (the picture on the left from 2000 is of my cousins: Maddie and Kaitlyn and I at a Cape May tea house). I think that could be good. :) Let me know what you think so far.

The Lincoln Room was one of my favorite places in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Sadly, it closed its doors on May 15, 2014. I remember noticing the tearoom one morning in early April 2009 on my way to West Chester University as I looked out the window of bus 92. I asked one lady if she ever had been into the Lincoln Room; she answered no. I knew I had to try it; I  Googled the Lincoln Room and made my reservations. It was a great find, which led to every year since winter 2009 mom, dad, Aunt Peg, Maddie, Aunt Kathy, Kaitlyn and I went to the Lincoln Room for a pre-New Years Eve tea to celebrate that year. It really was a nice two hours out -- we always talked, laughed and caught up. The tea was a nice way to get ready to celebrate the year, which 2011 was the best year with going to Green Bay, Wisconsin to see the Packers, changing my major and just being successful. 2012 was sad because nan was getting sicker. We didn't go in 2013 because I graduated and I didn't want to go back to West Chester for personal reasons.
I also always bought teddy bears at the Lincoln Room and as Joellen and Susan said to me and summed it up perfectly: "you have added a lot of our bears to your collection." Yes, yes I have. I love the Bearington Bear collection bears and this is one of the few places that sell them and the one they pick out, well, they speak to me. Regretfully, I never said goodbye to the Lincoln Room before it closed the doors. However, I am friends with the former owner on Facebook and she wishes me luck with the Michigan endeavors.

When I first decided that I would like to move to the Detroit Metro Area, I joined a group on Facebook called #Hashtag Detroit. A week before my trip, I asked the founder of #Hashtag Detroit for an activity guide to the city because I thought it would be neat to sight see after I looked at apartments in Roseville and seek employment. On the site there was a tearoom listed called SocraTea. SocraTea is located on Garfield Suite, which is right off of Woodward Avenue in Downtown Detroit. Opening its doors in 2012, SocraTea is a laid back tearoom and is opened from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening (10 am- 3 pm on Sundays).

The young lady that was working the day I visited was very nice and professional. Since I was a newbie, she explained their tea selection and I tried the tea of the day: a jalepeno tea (it was too spicy for me). I saw a fruity white tea and ordered a pot of that along with two scones. The owner, Meg, wasn't there that day; however, I've talked to and corresponded with her about employment and she's very professional and cares about her clientele. Many writers like to hang out at SocraTea to work on their latest poem or novel while eating scones or finger foods and sipping on a cup of tea. SocraTea has an assortment of teas ranging from white to black teas and you can try any of them before you buy a pot of them.

It was inexpensive: my pot of tea and two scones were $5. The scones were fluffy and to die for! I had blueberry, but I believe there are other flavors of scones as well. When you walk in, you're presented with a menu. It's not elaborate, but they are near Seva Detroit (Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant) and many of the downtown restaurants.

The wonderful owners of the Lincoln Room and I.

Christina's 21st birthday at the Lincoln Room. 2012.

Outside of SocraTea: Detroit

One of many teacup selfies at SocraTea that will come! :)

I applied to four jobs today; I found one job that I would really love: Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer. I'm hoping I'm considered since I'm relocating to Roseville. I feel confident and good about things. :) Things are looking up! Here is My First Time Visiting Detroit article. Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: The Wanderer Visits MD with Poetry, Music and Celebration (5/24-5/30)

Saturday, May 24

I finished the Faygo I bought. Redpop was eh, I'm usually not a fan of strawberry juice.

I made banana apple bread. It was so good!

Sunday, May 25

I am happy from the wonderful dream I had about Monoxide!

I walked into Monoxide's house because my retainer fell out and I was getting tired from walking around Roseville. Even though I had a feeling that the act of going into his house in the middle of the day (it had to be, I was the only one on the street and there were no cars... it was just me looking at Monoxide's ranch house) was wrong, but I entered through the white door and into the kitchen. It was my first time in Monoxide’s house, but I instinctively knew where everything was. In the kitchen, I wash my hands and start playing with my retainer; the one I had cemented in my mouth since having my braces removed at age 13. 

“Hi, Jessica,” I heard a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Monoxide standing there. I thought he would chase me out of his house, but instead he hugged me. He said, "Welcome! Welcome to your new home in Roseville. You'll love it here and I enjoyed reading all about you. I loved your letter. I also did a background check on you. You seem like a nice girl." We talked and then he gives me a little kiss. Monoxide invites me to an interview he's doing with Jamie and I get to meet everyone. He appoints me as PR person of the band and I am his girl now. :) They feed me well... then I wake up.

Before mom, dad and I went to North East, Maryland, we stopped off at Aunt Peg's to get flowers. I saw Felix and had to get a selfie with him!

It was a nice trip to North East, Maryland and to Chris's Crab Shack. :)

Monday, May 26
Happy Memorial Day!

This candy was interesting. It was in the UK section of Wegmans. I thought it was cool with the Arabic.

Sadly, I couldn't eat it since it was caramel. :(

Pop-pop's grave. He served in the Air Force and the Boy Scouts commemorated him with the rest of the veterans today.

My cousin, Josh, playing taps.

End of the ceremony. It was nice.

We enjoyed the crabs.

Tuesday, May 27

I love this show! Sarah & Duck.

Wednesday, May 28

Yeah, it rained hard today. Here's the creek down the street.

Sangria with peaches.

Sangria and cheese cake.

Mimi isn't feeling too well today.

Thursday, May 29

Mimi still isn't feeling well today. I think it's the weather and time of season: she has allergies.

This was my lunch after I sent in some resumes. Didn't eat the whole thing because the cheese wasn't melted and I put too much in… can't do a lot of cheese.

After sending three more resumes, I was exhausted and needed a pick me up.

Yeah, I wanted to join Mimi for a nap… but I don't nap unless I'm sick (if I nap during the day, I won't sleep at night)

Here is Mimi watching TV.

#tbt Me and Woo two weeks shy of my 12th birthday in June 2001.

Friday, May 30

I made iced cappuccino today at work.

I used up all the ice cubes and filled them.

In Memory of Dr. Maya Angelou
People will never forget, she said,
How your actions made them feel;
she sat alone with reflection in head.
People will never forget, she said,
The words used that made them bled,
The words of lessons for kids congealed.
People will never forget, she said,
How her actions made people feel!

Fluffy Friday:

@catsby_the_bookshop_cat. I'm not sure how I found Catsby, but he's a 10 year old rescue that lives in Davie, FL and guards the Second Edition Bookshop. I love seeing his pictures daily and they always make me laugh and smile.

@troopsthephatone. I love watching his adventures and his new interns (he's pictured with the one) and their antics always put a smile on my face.

@bunny_and_rats. I love River (pictured), the hairless rat. I also love the other mice that are featured and the new bunny.

I love Wings of Wonder and I can't wait to move to Michigan to finally see the sanctuary. Please check out their cause: Wings of Wonder.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week! Oh, for Flashback Friday, let's take it back to when the Blog Party started almost one year ago by the wonderful Stephanie Ann. Milwaukee Brewers vs. Philadelphia Phillies (The Secret Life of Blogger's Party#1). Also please check out a blurb of a Michigan piece: My First Time in Detroit. Have a wonderful weekend!