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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Word Tuesday - "Forever Mine"

It's two word Tuesday on and the  prompt is "Using only two words, how can you say "I love you" without using any of those three words" gave me an idea for the story. One of the members is running an April Fool's shirt story contest and I want to join (I'm thinking a fan fiction). I'm thinking of using the poem as a base to my story, but what do you think of the poem?

Forever Mine
Jessica Marie

It's two word Tuesday, what's the prompt?
"Say 'I love you' in two words without love."
Hmmm? How can I say 'I love you' without love?
احب or "libe dich" or "te amo,"
it didn't have to be in English;
but what's the best way to describe
his blue eyes or funky contacts for shows
or the way he used to wear his blonde hair
in braids or dye it a blue or a red,
but now it's neatly shaved despite the winter;
yet, his facial hair is still there, 
it compliments him well, very well;
it is covered in white from the corpse paint
and the black that encircles his perfect eyes
or the time painstakingly drawing around his lips-
those lips, though and his smile.
His humor is what gets me though,
"my face has that effect, llal" he types;
"forever mine" slips off the fingers and onto keys-
my love for Monoxide or Mono or Paul
could easily be described as forever mine.

Sappy, I know. I usually don't write sappy, HAHA.  I'll post later with my happy picture and inspirational Tuesday post.


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    1. Thank you. :) I love challenges. Glad to be back to the community.