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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: Cruizin' (4/5-4/11)

I'm sure you're probably wondering where I came up with the title of this week's blog party. "Cruizin" is my favorite Kottonmouth King's (I have to check them out more) song and that's how I feel this week. Apparently, this is one of the few non-Twiztid songs that appear on my 25 Most Played Songs list on my iPod. Enjoy!

I also heard some sad news today. Mrs. Washington passed away on Sunday. Mrs. Washington was a dear, wonderful friend to both nan and I. She always encouraged me and was always a sweet lady; she will sorely be missed. Mrs. Mary Louise Washington.

Sadly, I couldn't find any pictures with her, which is sad because I swore we had some. However, who knows what happened to some pictures when we moved things from nan's house. She always loved going to the Senior Center's tea, so in her honor, I'm posting a picture from the last tea I went to with nan in 2011 (I guess in nan's honor too).

I found this picture as I was looking to see if we did have pictures on my old Photobucket account. It is from Joyce's 12th birthday in 2001 (Joyce's mom took it, she must have posted it to Facebook in 2007 and I saved it). This is how Mrs. Washington would remember me:

Rest easy, Mrs. Washington. You're free and out of pain.

Post Blog Party (Friday, April 4)

Tonight I went to dinner with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Dave and Matthew. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and I ordered the Moroccan Chicken.

For day four of NaPoWriMo, I chose is a limerick. I'm sure all of you remember limericks because they're popular for children. Although the history of limericks aren't clear, it has a long history. It is thought that the limericks found in Mother Goose's Melodies are among the oldest. defines limericks that "typically, the first two lines rhyme with each other, the third and fourth rhyme together, and the fifth line either repeats the first line or rhymes with it. The limerick's anapestic rhythm is created by an accentual pattern that contains many sets of double weakly-stressed syllables." Here is a limerick I wrote about dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin last night.

There once was a restaurant with so many choices,
"Everything looks so good!" screamed concerned voices;
"Go with the burrito and beans," said the man,
For I said, "I'll have the Moroccan chicken and flan."
Leftovers will go to Barb's and Joyce's!

Things also went well. :) My aunt and uncle are excited for me.

Saturday, April 5

Last Sunday when mom and I went to Wegmans, I wanted to buy Kid's Cuisine. Eh, let's just say, it’s blasé and I see why I didn't eat them often as a kid!

These glasses came with the box.

Beautiful day, though the wind is chilly! I took Mimi outside.

After dinner, I sat down and had my hard apple cider. Mimi was sleeping behind the chair and I bothered her. I think I finally found grumpy pictures I can submit. :)

Sunday, April 6

What a beautiful day! I walked down to Bagelicious to get a bagel for breakfast.

When I arrived home, I heard the ice cream man. I was surprised how early he was, but I suppose since it was 63 degrees today.

Then I went to the playground to take some pictures and went for a walk.

Monday, April 7

Weekly goals:
1. Run my credit score, then ask people for help on how this will translate into an apartment. Yes, I'm a noob at this. 
2. Find two more apartments and send a response saying I'm interested.
3. Finish the piece about nan's lung cancer for Yahoo! Voices. 
4. Work on some stories for your childhood folder.
5. Continue working on NaPoWriMo.

I taught him well to be a Juggalo, LLAL. :p

We went to Acme to pick up some quick things. I bought these pastries. Nan used to get them all the time.

This was aired on one of the local channels:
8 PM       BRITISH FILM: COMEDY: “MEET MR. LUCIFER” (UK-1953) with Stanley Holloway and Gordon Jackson (An Ealing Comedy about the Horrors of Television!)

I can't seem to find the movie anywhere, though. :(

Tuesday, April 8

As I waiting for the Rambler, I saw this cat run by me.

"Every great journey begins with a single step." ~Tom Burns (Look Out, World)

The above quote is one of many great quotes in the book Marsha gave me as a graduation and moving gift. Marsha is one of a couple of friends I have left in this area. It was my first time seeing her in 14 months; the last time I saw her was two days after nan's funeral, which she attended because she loved nan. We hung out at the mall on that cold February day, which brought a smile to my face. I didn't see her much last year because nan's death put me into a deep depression along with some medications I was put on (I'm since off and now only focus on my thyroid). Although I graduated in December after things happened; I was too dang depressed to celebrate with people. I did celebrate with family, but it didn't feel momentous to me. That was the night I told my parents about my plan to relocate to the Detroit metro area and applied at some jobs. December started my relocation journey, although it has been slow, but I've wanted to do this for a long time and it's great to finally be able to.

I was supposed to meet Marsha at noon, but I told her I usually go to the mall early on my day off because I work on some writing projects. She texted me when I got there that she was waiting, so we met up a little after 10 am. She wanted to go shopping, but since I'm on a budget I didn't want to shop. We went to Fanzz first, where someone commented on my Brewers shirt. I told him I was a fan of the Detroit Tigers and was in the process of moving. He said, "Awesome! Yeah, I just moved to this area from Las Vegas." I asked him for advice and he gave me some: he said getting a 2nd job in retail definitely helps and they can transfer me; most stores also don't have a time limit (so I could relocate next month). I thanked him and we went on our merry way. Marsha ended up buying shoe laces, then we sat down and talked. She's excited for my move and she supports the relocation to Detroit. Like others, she believes I should follow my heart and have a great plan. She gave me my graduation gift and it was an awesome book of quotes. I love gifts like that; I love inspirational things. 

We then went to lunch where I ordered a Sangria and burger; she had a lemonade and pizza. We talked about a lot of things and it was just so nice to catch up. She then bought me a cookie cake with "Congrats" written in Detroit Tigers colours. She wanted to congratulate me on my graduation and the upcoming job and then move. I got home an hour ago, I feel reinvigorated and I am going to apply at a few retail jobs since I haven't heard from Michael's yet. A friend that moved to L.A. relocated with Footlocker and he said there was no time limit for relocation, so I'm going to try that. It was a nice day out and it was so nice to see a good friend again.

Here are the few Marsha sent me:

A Triolet to Marsha
Jessica Marie

Today I meet with you after a year,
my voice no longer ragged and hurt
and no longer falling is the tears;
today I meet with you after a year.
I think most expect me to show fear,
yet you give support so true and curt;
today I meet with you after a year,
that voice no longer ragged and hurt.

The Brewers also play the Phillies in the home opener today. Brewers won!

Of course, I have my Tigers nails still

The Tigers lost by a run though. :(

Wednesday, April 9

I switched work days today so I could stay home for the thrift store to come pick up stuff. Mom is away on business until Friday. It was a peaceful day. I did some writing and I decided to warm up my bangers soup. Note to self: don't put a lot of flour in next time: it turned to gravy and I ended up getting rid of it because all the broth I put in didn't help the cause.

I had this instead: Chicken Steaks!

As I worked on things, I noticed Mimi likes to lay under nan's memory board. On Friday I am going to take some pictures and make a collage.

After she woke up, she decided to sit in the sun on the window. I went outside to get a few pictures.

I noticed more flowers coming in:

Tigers, Brewers and Orioles won!

Thursday, April 10

I went to work instead today. My book I ordered came in. It's about two music identities: Juggalos/Juggalettes and Phish fans. As I skim this book I thought I was only going to read the ICP parts, but I will be reading all of it since it alternates between ICP/Juggalos/Juggalettes and Phish/Phish fans. I'm looking forward to reading it, though. :)

After work I went to lunch at Wegmans:

Since today it reached 68 degrees (70 degrees in Detroit), flowers began to open as did some trees!

Day #95: Pansies are now out!

I also installed this app:

Friday, April 11

It's that time of the week again! How much did I accomplish?

1. Run my credit score, then ask people for help on how this will translate into an apartment. Yes, I'm a noob at this. 
I didn't run it yet, I'm really nervous to be honest. Andrew has been reassuring me, though, that most people starting out don't have a lot to their name. Others have said, "Money talks." Tomorrow, Sunday and Monday nights I'll be at my aunt's dog-sitting, so I will run it then.

2. Find two more apartments and send a response saying I'm interested.
I found two apartments in Roseville:

Apartment 2 didn't have ratings, but it's near public transit. I'm going to have to run both apartments through the site Charlie sent me to see if they got good reviews.

I'm going to be applying to Costco as well. I'm going to see if I can start here in King of Prussia and then transfer to the Roseville, MI Costco in May. I called my dentist for him to look at my wisdom tooth, so hopefully he can take it out this month, but things are now dependent upon that.

3. Finish the piece about nan's lung cancer for Yahoo! Voices. 
Gah, another week unfinished. I don't know, maybe it's too emotional. I might work on it this weekend. However, I did make a video for my friend Margot's project 

I am going to write about my experiences of being bullied and having no friends here, which will go into my childhood folder on

4. Work on some stories for your childhood folder.

Friendship With Carli (Then and Now): A Rondeau
Jessica Marie

I remember when I first joined Bolt in 2002,
My first friend, Carli, her taste in music true;
We talked for hours about entertainment and life--
She lived in Michigan. Visiting, a challenge with rife.
But I avowed that one day plans would not fall through.

Yet, Carli still considered me like a younger sister accrued,
And for me, it was nice to have an older sister that would mew
Over my middle, then high school joys or trials with advice--
I remember when I first joined Bolt in 2002.

From Myspace to Facebook, now Pennsylvania adieu;
Hello Michigan and with friends like Carli, I make my debut,
Though I know there will be some growing pains and strife--
But with work, saving, living, having baseball fun shall suffice;
I remember when I first met a 17 year old Carli on Bolt in 2002.

I'm debating adding this to my chapbook about nan:

Pansy Rondeau
Jessica Marie

I could finally calculate my nature now,
as the temperature reaches 70, I think "wow!"
I take to the freshly paved sidewalks;
where nan's old neighbors and friends talk
about daily gossip and fast cats in heat on prow.

This was after I found my peaceful Tao,
winter undid me and my spirit, I disavowed;
unhappiness and taunts no longer stalk.
I could finally calculate my nature now.

And through the sweat dripping from my brow,
I spot chipper daffodils and pansies spotted like cows;
purples and yellows and pinks and hues that squawk,
the colours made me forget the heat and shell-shock,
but as I look in Roseville, much like a flower being sowed--
I could finally calculate my nature now!

5. Continue working on NaPoWriMo.
Successful! You can view what I have done here

Another gorgeous day! 77 here in King of Prussia with sun; 62 and sunny in Detroit, but 56 and cloudy in Green Bay!

Day #96: Some trees are now in bloom!

Even the daffodils are perkier today.

Mimi even enjoys this weather! She's laying inside the window now.

They sent cereal testers to the library. Not bad. I felt like Twiztid taking pictures for Twiztid's Cereal Sundays. :)

Before I end this entry, I want to bring attention to a few animals I follow on Instagram. I think I'll follow in the footsteps of Instagram and have my own "Weekly Fluff." Instagram's  Weekly Fluff is on Monday, but I will have this on Friday, so I will call it "Friday Fluff." Enjoy!

Follow @joey_laurence. He owns some beautiful chinchillas and I enjoy it. This is Stella.

Here's Mr. Bagel again! Follow @chinnybuddy or his Facebook page. I love Mr. Bagel too.

I love Jamon (@jamonthepig) and his little brother, Nero (@nerothepig). They're from São Paolo, Brazil and they make me want to own a pig or two! Also, Jamon the Pig and Nero the Pig are on Facebook as well!

These sugar bears or sugar gliders belong to @JMCJester69. They're adorable.

@Troopsthephatone is one of my favorite cat users on Instagram. He's "phat" with style, swag and will put a smile on your face.

Well, that's it for this week. I'm going to start my laundry since tomorrow I have a feeling I'll be busy with the dentist and then since I dogsit for the whole weekend, I probably won't have much time to do laundry tomorrow (Sunday is mom's laundry day). Oh, I wanted to share with you this article I wrote. It's musings about a quip someone made: Are Angry People Really From Detroit? I think I'll expand upon it later. Let me know what you think! Please check out my Wish List. Have a great week!


  1. Before I get to the next section of Beowulf that Goodreads sent me, I am socialising, as I have not since last night. I meant to write an LJ post about it, yet have not! The description of the day I had written on another friend's journal sufficed in my head for the whole Internet, when her blog is private. So I wrote it up. I don't think I will bring up PIV contact until later. I know he is strongly against hurting me. I think any sort of lubrication would be more for his mental comfort than mine. I already hurt.

    I hope Marsha is doing well! It takes me forever to comb through your weeklong posts. My sympathies for the loss of your friend Mrs. Washington!

    Last Sunday was beautiful, да.

    I hope your week has gone well, and the next one will be better! ^_^ (It is seeming more and more like mathematicians sex me up on my birthday... You couldn't really count Rey as a mathematician, far from it, but everyone else!)

    If you don't want to approve this since it discusses sex, don't. I don't mind.

    1. Marsha is doing well. :) We had a nice time.

      I got my wisdom tooth out, so I'm still in a little pain. I am at my aunt's again tonight, so if I'm up to it I will finally run my credit report and apply at Costco. I guess I'll plan my trip to Detroit and Roseville now that my wisdom tooth is out.

  2. I am sorry to hear about the loss of Mrs. Washington. :(

    That's a funny video of your Dad. :) It's great to hear that Marsha was extremely encouraging to you; I hope that she'll be able to visit you in Detroit, or that you'll be able to go back to visit her. From everything you've written about her in this post and in the past, she seems like a really nice person.

    1. I was so sad to see that on Friday. :(

      Hehe, yeah. Ironically he has never listened to Twiztid or anyone from Psycopathic... at least not to my knowledge. I might have to experiment with him. Dad usually listens to everything, though. I'm not sure if she could travel to Detroit, but I told dad that I'd come back for Christmas and Easter, so I can visit! :)