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Monday, April 28, 2014

Surgery for Barnaby Fundraiser/ NaPoWriMo Day #28

We're in the last stretch of NaPoWriMo, I hope you enjoyed reading what I've written this month as much as I've enjoyed writing the poems. :) Today I am going to write a poem using the villanelle. What is a villanelle? According to, a villanelle is a "highly structured villanelle is a nineteen-line poem with two repeating rhymes and two refrains. The form is made up of five tercets followed by a quatrain. The first and third lines of the opening tercet are repeated alternately in the last lines of the succeeding stanzas; then in the final stanza, the refrain serves as the poem's two concluding lines. Using capitals for the refrains and lowercase letters for the rhymes, the form could be expressed as: A1 b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2."

Do not listen to vapid opinions of youth,
curiosity and travel instead should fill the days;
remember catty, vain jealousy hides truth.

Though you want to be the most pretty from Duluth
because he kissed you on the cheek, rumors heavily weigh--
do not listen to vapid opinions of youth!

Yet, the nasty words hurt more than an impacted tooth,
tears and a butcher's knife blade  goes astray;
remember catty, vain jealousy hides truth!

ignore the harassing cat calls from the phone booth,
but you learned too late, grieving the abuses on the way,
do not listen to the vapid opinions of youth!

As adulthood kiss their cheeks, aging and uncouth,
struggling to piece together insults failing half way,
remember catty, vain jealousy hides truth.

And you, my monster, there you are pouring vermouth,
Curse, bless me, I drown your evil from that November day--
do not listen to vapid opinions of youth,
remember catty, vain jealousy hides truth!

Poem about a dream I had last night. I was bullied and harassed in school and I remember in this dream my 24, almost 25 year old self, is watching my 12 year old self sitting in the classroom with these girls harassing me like they used to. Myself now spoke up and said, "you are cowards. Your opinions are vapid and you are hurting me" among other powerful things. Then I move on to something that happened in November and I can't do much, but then I wake up. It was a powerful dream; I guess not so much a nightmare, but maybe working through things.

2014 Jessica Marie

Detroit Chinchillas posted this fundraiser: Surgery for Barnaby. I want to donate $5, but we'll see. I feel for them, but tomorrow I'm ordering the plane ticket to view apartments in Roseville, then need to get a hotel room and then save up for the apartment.

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