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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review of Picture That Sound and Inspirational Tuesday 4/8/2014

I absolutely love this product! Picture That Sound, which can be ordered through Jenn's website (Picture That Sound), is easy to use and very creative. It's a nice change from the traditional scrapbook because of the sound component. I'm glad I made the video of my first Packers game because I could record it onto this and add my embellishments easily. Also, the embellishments don't muffle the sound, which was great too. I can't wait to order a few more and use them for other events. You should definitely check out this product!

"Every great journey begins with a single step." ~Tom Burns (Look Out, World)
I love that quote and I love the book I was given today. I think I will read these quotes along with A is for Attitude because they're so inspiring. I know a majority of these quotes give me the inspiration for my move and to job hunt. :)


  1. Wow, those are neat! (I watched your video.) :)

    1. Yeah! I want to get a few more when I move for a Tigers game, when I meet Twiztid and other Michigan adventures!