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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: Just Like Heaven (4/12-4/18)

As I was riding around with mom today, the Cure came on and it’s been a long time since I've listened to the Cure. "Just Like Heaven" is one of my favorite songs. I'm going to buy that song along with "Friday I'm In Love" tonight. Started as a rough week, but it's ending on a good note.

Saturday, April 12

I had my wisdom tooth pulled. Ouch. My dentist did the procedure - 3 shots of Novocain and an hour later, it was out. It was a little nerve-racking and I was shaking.

My dentist was amazed at the way the tooth looked. He even took a picture of it. I thought it looked like an octopus.

That night I dog-sat Daphne and Sandy. Daphne laid (on the floor) beside me.

I even had ice cream for the pain. Well, in my mind I thought it would work, but teeth are sensitive.

Sunday, April 13

Look at this sun!

It got close to 80 degrees today; I was too tired and in pain to enjoy it, though.

I did go shopping with mom so I could get soft foods to eat. Here are a few displays I saw:

I wanted these, maybe if they're around next week I'll get them for when I move out. :D

I ended up with kosher Matzo ball soup and Apple Kugel. Delish!

We went to Pet Smart for Mimi's food, look at the cute mice sleeping! I love mice and rats. :3

Monday, April 14

It's that time of week again! Going to be a light week since I'm still recovering from the wisdom tooth:

1. Work on some writing pieces for childhood folder.
2. Continue with NaPoWriMo

I left work a half an hour early today, my mouth hurt.

But, the swelling went down a bit.

Look at Mimi sleeping in the sun. Another beautiful day… once I had a few aspirin in me and before my 3rd antibiotic of the day, I went for a quick walk.

Tuesday, April 15

Tax day! Fortunately both state and federal taxes were done way before this. It was a very rainy day and the temperatures really dropped.

As you can see, the trashcan drifted down the street.

I went to get the mail and I'm soaked. Swelling went down a bit.

I made myself couscous for lunch because my mouth still hurt.

Wednesday, April 16

Went to work today. Took a picture of this again. I think it's better:
It's the recycled Catholic. Basically, a loved one comes back in spirit in the form of a cardinal to let you know they are there to guide you.

Later today, I saw a female Cardinal in the yard:

I like to think that's nan visiting and giving me luck for relocating.

I submitted this one for the contest. I hope I win!

I'm a proud libertarian, but don't really have the cash to donate: goes to show everyone asks for money!

My soft meal for tonight.

Oh, my Twiztid CD shipped!

Here is what the album cover will look like:

Thursday, April 17

I worked today instead because the library is closed tomorrow for Good Friday. I found some awesome children's books. I like checking them out since I'm thinking of writing one. I found Stellaluna, which was my favorite as a little girl, and a book about a duck rescue.

I am feeling better, teeth wise, today. I went out for a walk and took pictures of the trees in bloom and flowers.

The cold has this pansy down (50 degrees today):

I also saw these adorable Greyhounds. She comes to the library sometimes.

I also took a picture with Mimi, who was sunbathing.

Swelling went down too!

I then took Mimi outside

And noticed the Lily of the Valleys are starting to pop up! YAY! They bloom in May, though.

Oh, here's an episode of Tom and Jerry. It was disturbing because the chick was trying to commit suicide… it was very obvious, especially when he tries to chop his head off. Wanted to cry, but it was a happy ending. ::sigh::

Looks like there was another one.

Friday, April 18

Looks like my CD is in Philadelphia right now. Hopefully that means I get it today! I so totally can't wait to move; maybe I'll be able to pick up my orders or it'll take less time to ship and be cheaper (this was $3.50 to ship, not bad). It didn't come today. :( Dad did get this though!

Our favorite commercial. 

According to it left Philadelphia, so hopefully tomorrow! They estimated 1-3 days, so I guess 3 days.

Mom and I went to get our nails done. Bye bye Tigers logo. :( The French manicure looks pretty though!

We even went for gelato. It was hazelnut and so good!

Beautiful cardinal on Good Friday.

It's that time of week again!

1. Work on some writing pieces for childhood folder.
I didn't. After doing some things and working plus the antibiotic and pain, I was tired. I'm feeling better, so I'm going to sit down tomorrow to work on some pieces. I'm going to write about my experience being bullied.
2. Continue with NaPoWriMo
It was a successful week with that. :)

What I accomplished instead of writing for my folder:
This is what I will probably go with if the ratings check out. I joined and as other locals were explaining to me with the bus schedule, I should stick near Gratiot Rd and it’s near that. :)

This is also near Utica Rd., which someone else also said was good.

It doesn't have a walk score. I like it, so I might have to call or post it to City-Data. I think once I figure out finances, I might attempt to learn to drive.

It's near Gratiot, but this might be something I ask about too.

I also applied at Costco in both King of Prussia (PA) and Roseville (MI), I'm going to apply at Foot Locker or at least see if there's a Foot Locker in Michigan, Penney's and see where the Bed Bath and Beyond is in Michigan. I really hope I hear from something soon!

Before I end this, here is this week's Friday Fluff!

This is @rivertherat, a beautiful hairless rat. She's blind, but has some wonderful adventures with her other rat friends. It's a great account to follow.

This is Gary at @omgdeedee. I love following his adventures and quirky photos.

Mr. Bagel is right - chinchillas should be treated like cats and dogs while riding a plane! @chinnybuddy.

Well, that's it for this week; I'm glad my mouth is starting to feel better and in time for Easter. I hope everyone has a great holiday, but don't eat too much and enjoy your family as much as you can! If you can, please check out my wish list.


  1. So much fun stuff this post! Couscous, cats, the cute mice and spending time outdoors. Awesome!

    1. Yes, despite the pain of the removal, I had a good week. :) Also, good credit in my name and will make it easier for moving... just waiting to hear from Costco or something. I was thinking of getting a few mice along with a chinchilla, but I don't think an apartment would like the mice. :p

  2. Love all the animal pictures in this post. :)

    At first I thought it was odd that the Libertarian Party was asking for donations, but then again, it can't function or run candidates without any sort of funding. It's not as though it has a plethora of billionaire backers!

    I hope the pain in your mouth has subsided more so since this post!

    1. That's true! I think once I move, I'll donate $25... can't afford $50,000. :p

      It has! Pain free, except sometimes where the wisdom tooth was hurts because it's sensitive to really hot and cold things; dentist said that could take a month or so. I've been keeping things warm and still drink from a straw.

      Thank you. :) I feel like my Friday posts have been dominated by animals.