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Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #98

Only two more days! As I was saying to someone, I'm still in a lot of pain with the tooth and the antibiotic takes a lot out of me. I'll only post my pictures for the final two days.

Day #98: Still tooth pain, so didn't really go for a walk today, but it got up to 80 degrees. Things are blooming.


  1. Who were you telling about your pain?

    I'll miss your commentary for the next few weeks. It is of interest!

    Yesterday I went to the city with my friend Katie to see the Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony! ^_^ She liked the whole thing, which I found surprising. I told her playing it was really hard, especially the third movement.
    The Philly Orchestra put on a good show, though.
    I sit in the back, which was near where the organ was.
    In betwixt us and the organ was a nice Korean couple, who were interested in my Guizhou excursion. I told them I saw many Korean people in the international dormitories, but I really saw considerably more Thai, Chinese, and Russian people. I couldn't remember 一二三 in Korean, since I only passively leaned that from my sister. (Hana dul set my rested mind is now supplying - and a Youtube Korean counting video verifies it! I have to be careful with 4 since my Russian accent gives me a whiny yuh sound and it sounds like I'm declining when I'm only trying to use the death number! [As 4 is synonymous in Chinese and Japanese with the word for death])

    You don't have morphine? When I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted I was drugged. It makes me cautious I won't really remember the 2nd of the Jump 225 trilogy which I had been reading at the time, Multireal. It was just a miscellaneous sci-fi novel, though, so it's okay if I didn't really grasp the whole thing.

    1. I was telling Andrew.

      No, he just gave me amoxicillin and told me to take aspirin.