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Friday, March 14, 2014

Secret Life of Blogger's Blog Party: I'm Here, But I'm Really Gone (3/8-3/14)

First, let me explain the title. I've always loved the Alanis Morissette song Hand In My Pocket, and in high school and even throughout college I always related to the line, "I'm lost, but I'm hopeful." However, now when I listen to the song the lines, "I care, but I'm restless/I'm here, but I'm really gone," really fits my life now and I think that describes this week very well. If you care to, watch the video:

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy this week's blog party!  ©Jessica

Saturday, March 8

I had my hair trimmed by my old hair dresser since my other hair dresser was booked. She agreed, I only need 3 quarters of an inch cut since I am growing out my hair. I get it trimmed every 3 months.

Some selfies I took with mom's Kindle:

As soon as we got home from shopping, I saw Mimi was basking in the sun for Caturday.

After we got back from dinner, she was also on the chair:

Of course, before I took a shower, I decided to take pictures for my portfolio profile picture. These are how they turned out:

I did like them, especially the cameras, but I wanted to see my face. I decided to go with the close up I took on mom's Kindle. My Portfolio.

Sunday, March 9

We went shopping again. I found 8 outfits for $100, which wasn't bad. I found a lot of sales and a lot of clothes that would be neutral for Detroit too. :D It was a laid back day. I went outside with Mimi and it was nice to see things melt. :)

 Mom and I then went to Acme to pick up some quick things. I saw these cool orchids.

And glass bottles in Spanish

Monday, March 10

Last weekday morning working at the library. My co-worker brought me in a newspaper from Milwaukee and she said, "I know you want to move to Detroit, but a lot of the industries are similar. I thanked her and my other co-worker said, "Yeah, I told her to bring one back for you. We really want to see you achieve your dream. We don't mind helping." It made me smile. I'm really looking forward to May.

I also had mail from Blind Cat Rescue thanking me for my donation. I was so happy it helped. I think before I relocate, I'm going to fulfil their wish list.

We also did a quick shopping trip at the King of Prussia Wegmans and I decided to buy Irish potatoes.

Tuesday, March 11

Today I started my temp position. I walked to the bus.

I was 15 minutes early and the employer was a bit late. I had a cup of tea as I waited. When I went into the office, we talked and he sounded hopeful about my relocation: he said it's doable. He showed me a few things I needed to do. I made a few mistakes, some transferring phone calls.  But, I thought I did well. However, as I was waiting for the bus, I got the call from the temp agency that he found someone with more experience (he didn't want to train). However, she said she had an internship in mind looking for someone my age and until the May duration. Hopefully I get it and I'm keeping my eye on the prize.

This was taken on my lunch break (I didn't use my phone at all today). 

I did do some writing though tonight:

I also opened my Irish potatoes and had one.

Wednesday, February 12

On Tuesday night, the library is having a cultural diversity night from 6-8:30. I signed up for the German table. After I finished work at the library, I went to Wegmans to look for German food. I decided against the German chocolate because they didn't sell the bulk candy and to buy the candy individually would be too expensive. I bought the German cake mix, though. I'm going to make German chocolate cupcake minis and German potato salad. Trying to keep it inexpensive since I'm moving in May.

It was another beautiful day -- not as nice as Tuesday when the temperature went up to almost 70 degrees, but it was warm. I decided to put Mimi out before it started raining again. She enjoyed herself as always.

Doesn't the sky look ominous?

I did go for a walk in the rain, though! I have always loved walking in the rain.

Day #66: it's pouring rain here. I love the sound of rain -- it's so soothing. I didn't sleep last night; going to cuddle under the blankets, write and just relax.

Thursday, March 13

An uneventful day. It was cold today - the temperature dropped from almost 70 degrees to 20 degrees with a wind chill of 10 degrees. The weather has really been bipolar. However, it was nice to see birds out, even with the winds and down branches.


                                                                                                 Black birds

As you can tell, very windy last night.

I also worked on some of my German table things. Here is the yearbook I made in 11th grade for 2006-2007. It features my Germany trip, so I'll bring that.

I have four boxes of pictures I never scrapbooked. I'm going to go through it again and take a box or two of the best pictures.

These are the pictures I'm thinking:

I also made a worksheet of a recipe and learn German (the pictures didn't show up for Google docs).

I was so sad that my German dress only half fit. It zipped up until my bust area. :( I will display it at the table, though.

Also, Mark just finished refacing the fireplace! He does awesome work and he's a really nice person.

Friday, March 14

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Photobucket is having a picture contest. I received this e-mail yesterday:
Photo Contest: #pbQuotes
Its a new year and Spring is right around the corner. Where will your fresh start lead you? Are you on the road to amazing travels or walking a path to discover new things around you? Share your journey with a photo and the words of wisdom that paved the way.

How to enter:
  1. Dig up or shoot an unforgettable travel photo
  2. Add your favorite quote using the Photobucket editor
  3. Share it on Instagram, Twitter or Photobucket using the hashtag #pbQuotes

I liked this one of me:

But, I'm going to use this one since I'm moving to the Midwest:

Today has been a good day, Terry brought in pumpkin pie and I just baked it. :)

Well, it's been a long week, but now I have a clearer vision of what I want to do. I'm still having my fundraiser, but I'm thinking I want the Wish List  more. Please check out the wish list. I hope everyone has a great weekend. :) I can't wait to post pictures next week.

Also, a Peanuts comic book from 1953-1954 was returned today. Here are two that made me laugh (I love old comics):

Day #68: It’s another beautiful day; like Miss Mimi after work I enjoyed the sun. :D


  1. This week I reconnected with two high school friends on FB: Kasra and Matt, besides two Russian Club friends: Ben and Matt (a different one). With the first two I spoke of Taoism and the Talmud. They find me as funny as in high school. (? I just say it like it is - I thought my sense of humour had taken a Russian reversal swerve, particularly with the crowd I came across at University, but perhaps it was already present before I started studying русский?) With the second two I spoke about Soviet literature. Ben assured me that Matt would not molest me tomorrow when we visit the книжник for Gogol, Pasternak, and/or Solzhenitsyn. Hopefully all, but I only have so much USD to spare for both literature and lunch. I certainly hope I can still eat Russian food - I've been almost exclusively eating Chinese food for the longest time.

    55, 45? It's 8. (I see the Fahrenheit and Centigrade difference, though.)

    So, I have said nothing effectual, just outlined my interactions with males at or above my age this weekend.
    I hope your prospective jobs aren't scammy! The one I interviewed for today seemed a little that way, but if WCUPA recommended it, then it can't be that scammy.

    1. Just be VERY careful. I expected something to be legit from a trusted source, but that wasn't the case at all. If you get it and it seems fishy, run the other way.

      I know when I continue to look in Detroit, I'll be looking at Glass Door the whole time. They review the companies. If it's not on there, then that is a bad sign I would gather.

      55 in King of Prussia, 45 in Detroit. :)

      Have fun this weekend!

    2. Thank you for the advice~! Although, hahaha, the CPUSA is rather fishy but full of delightful people.


      8, high of 14 in West Chester, 15 in Philly.

      My parents find my going to his place rather than his coming to mine controversial, but my house is harder to find! (He lives near the Chester County Hospital.) And anyway, he is humouring me. Politically, I'd better not demand his visit.

    3. Just be careful, but have fun!

  2. I love Alanis; I like all of her songs that I've heard and "Hand in My Pocket" is occasionally played over here.

    I like those old pictures of you from Germany. Good to see a little bit of your past!

    Those clouds do look scary!

    1. They don't play her too much over here anymore. Every once in a while on mom's station, but I don't really listen to the radio anymore. I'm looking forward to my move to Detroit; I found a really good station that plays rock and Twiztid. They have Twiztid on air sometimes too (that's how I heard about the station).

      Thank you. :) I'm thinking once I move, get settled and save a lot more money I want to go back for a a few days. This time without a tour. I love planning my own trips. :D I'd like to go to Berlin and Dresden.