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Thursday, March 20, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #74/ Thankful Thursday 3/20/14

Day #74: Happy first day of Spring and Happy International Day of Happiness! Such a beautiful day today.

As I mentioned above today is the first day of Spring. I'm thankful for that because I believe Spring will bring renewal to my life and things will finally happen. A local zoo told me back in December when I first looking at Detroit, that most zoos start hiring around April (which makes sense). I have high hopes for Detroit Zoo. I have high hopes that something will finally bite. I found some good jobs that I can apply to as well. One of my old Arabic classmates posted that Spring is always good to her, so I feel that this Spring will be good to me.

Today I am thankful for dad's support. I know he's going to miss me and I'm going to miss him (and Mimi), but he's been encouraging. My friends have been encouraging too and lifting me up. I finally feel better and feel so hopeful. Today was such a beautiful day; it was 54 degrees and sunny. While I was waiting for the Rambler, my Godfather's sister walked by with her dog. We caught up and I told her I was relocating (didn't tell her where... didn't need another naysayer because she was like, "you want to really move?!"), but it was a bit frustrating with the job search. She said to me, "Look up to the sky and talk to nan. She can help you." You know, she has a point. I talked to nan before DBC called, although they didn't work out, I think she did help and she helped me when they didn't accept me. Even though nan died last January, I am still thankful for the love she gave me for 23 years and the love she still gives me in memories. I'm going to start talking to her spirit again. 


  1. Here's to a great spring! :) (And beyond!)

  2. Hurrah for Nowruz!

    I am debating what movie to egg my friend into seeing with me. It's looking like Frozen, though it's on the childish side, since I think he doesn't have the classical background for fully appreciating the Greek/Persian war illustrated through 300.

    1. I heard Frozen is good, though! I want to see it!