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Thursday, March 13, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Day #67/ Thankful Thursday 3/13/2014

Day #67: Although it was a very cold day, it's still nice to see the birds. The days are also getting longer -- that means spring is on her way!

Today I'm thankful for the upcoming spring. I do love the winter, but it seemed like this winter has dragged and it's time for a change. I have big hopes for the spring too.

Thankful Thursday

As the sun rises over the snow covered hills,
birds chirping to welcome nature's first beauty;
although it is cold, there is hope in the air
while I continue to snuggle under the blankets
and nestle into my pillows. I give thanks to God;
even though it's been a rough few weeks,
I still am blessed with some great things
and have the support to continue with plans.
But, as always, just because one door closes;
the sun still sets and still rises, seasons change
and dreams never die when you keep hope alive.

I also made a moving wish list. I'm going to post it again tomorrow: Jessica's Wish List


  1. I'm on the opposite side of the solar system! That quiz determined me Mercury. I DID identify most closely with Sailor Mercury when I was a Moonie, so it may hold some hint of validity.

    I finally saw the original Fish Heads music video from 1979!

    This winter was on the longer side.

    Goodness gracious, my high school comrades are really complicated people @_@ One was talking to me about the pleasance of Taoism, another about using her Harvard acceptance letter as leverage for financial aid from the Uni she actually wanted, the other about proselytes on campus...

    Have a good evening!

    1. I'll have to watch the video later.

      Hey, I felt like last winter dragged. I felt like it never ended, especially since it stayed cold until May.

  2. It's quite warm here at the moment; I'll be wearing t-shirts if it keeps up!

    1. Our weather has been bipolar. Monday and Tuesday were near 70, yesterday was 20 and today is supposed to be 50.